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SC Benfica v Chelsea Match Thread

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    (Original post by fuzzybear)
    at least benfica capitulated early, saves me from having to decide whether to watch this or the apprentice
    bit pointless watching this game now. May do what you're about to do and tune in and watch the apprentice.
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    (Original post by white_haired_wizard)
    Not a sending off, IMO. The Benfica player's leg was outstretched but he did try and pull it back in. Ref is trigger happy with his cards - moron.

    I was looking forward to a competitive game and I get this, ffs.

    Looked like it may have been the right decision to award a penalty, although it looked like Cole went to ground very easily.

    Benfica really could be ahead and by a few goals, but have either been wasteful in very good positions or because of a goal-line clearance.

    Chelsea are going to get murdered by Barca. It's going to be an embarrassing scoreline.
    We've been riding our luck today. We stand no chance of beating barca if we play like this. milan were better than this.
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    That was a sitter. :lolwut:
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    Very close by Torres, he did well there.

    Certain goal if the defender didn't make contact. Probably put a bet on Nando not scoring and wants to see it through. :ahee:
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    He's tried so many times...
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    Kalou plays like me FFS!!!

    Yep he plays exactly like I do.
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    Is there even a point of watching this match?
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    Kalou has been so bad.
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    (Original post by jam277)
    Is there even a point of watching this match?

    My sub-conscious must have repped this-tis a constant battle at times.
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    (Original post by Lamps08)
    My sub-conscious must have repped this-tis a constant battle at times.
    Looks like it's gone interesting, what were luiz and kalou doing?
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    **** just got interesting.
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    (Original post by jam277)
    Is there even a point of watching this match?
    There is now:gah:
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    Come on Benfica.
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    I nearly changed channel...
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    Why the hell did he not pass that!?
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    Benfica player out his mind. Pass lad, pass!

    High octane last few minutes? Switching between this and the Apprentice.
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    Mikel is awful. :rofl:
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    What if Benfica still had 11 players...
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    Kalou is pony
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    Oh well, good effort Benfica.

    Still, if Chelsea play like this against Barca they'll be butt raped.


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