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Does Euro 2012 excite you?

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    Since our humbling in the last World Cup, I don't give a **** about how well England do, since we're not the world force we've made ourselves out to be. I'm more looking forward to seeing the top Dutch, Spanish, German, etc. players out there.
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    Regardless whether we are a world force or not, I will hoping England go as far as possible and hopefully put WC2010 behind us. Other than watching England play, group B looks very exciting.

    And if we meet Portugal somewhere in the tournament, I'll be praying for revenge

    edit: Portugal or Germany
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    England vs France. Couldn't of asked for a more perfect opening game*

    *for England.

    Group A is a bit disappointing though but group B-D should be brilliant.
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    It does excite me but the prospect of England playing, not as much as the other teams. I
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    I literally didn't know it was happening, nobody in this country will care because of the Olympics
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    Excited no, but I hope there will be some good games.
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    Funnily enough, I'm not too excited about the Euros. England are in transition at the moment and don't really expect them to make it out of the group let alone go far in the tournament.

    Semi-finals are going to have Germany, Spain, Holland, France. The big four.
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    quite looking forward to seeing Ireland make it out of the group of death and they go home heroes
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    Not excited, but I be interested enough to watch most of the games.
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    I watch these tournaments as a neutral really. If you asked me who I was supporting I suppose I'd say England, but I watch almost every game usually and just want the most entertaining teams to stay in it. I'm very much looking forward to watching Germany and their group.
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    The last euros were great because you didn't have all the bores complaining about England's overhyped players. Once more this year will be full of people who don't really know anything wondering why everything thinks they are favourites, despite literally noone ever suggesting they are favourites :facepalm2:

    Looked at tickets last week for the finals but the best location for games means you are stuck watching Group A

    All the best games are in the middle of Polish chicken farms near the arctic circle. Ridiculous.
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    It's exciting if you have a team to support, but I'm pretty much neutral after being numbed from the pain of England's constant failure, so I can't say I'm too fussed, although I will watch it for certain teams.
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    Not that fussed in all honesty. I suppose the Euros will be a nice post exam distraction though
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    i'm quire dissapointed at the lack of patriotism on here c'mon england!!!!
    plus i'm really considering put a bet on rooney to be top scorer despite being banned for the first 2 games
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    Just happy there'll be some football after the season finishes.
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    I'm quite excited, curious as to how the youngsters like Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Welbeck etc fare. There's a chance that we have a decent team in the workings.
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    Not in the same way a certain election is doing.....
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    Any tournament featuring Ireland will be exciting.
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    I don't excite, but of course I will be watch the matches in May and June. But the olympic games are also interesting...


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Updated: April 18, 2012
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