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    Also, i found squatting bare foot worked really well for me when I squatted loads. Don't find the same benefit with front-squatting though.
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    (Original post by desijut)
    Yeah, i think i'd prefer low-tops

    ah cool, where's the cheapest place to get a pair?

    no idea, trying to find out as i need a pair!
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    Spent about £70 and got the cheap slingshot, compact rumble roller and wrist wraps.

    Looking forward to using all 3.
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    Is it "Men's Converse All Star Ox Canvas" rather than slim or all the other variations? If so then it's £40 at JD
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    Yes generally gonna be about £35-40.

    It's funny. I was watching a Westside video or reading an old Westside article and they were talking about how Chucks are great to squat in but how you may not be able to get them as they're gonna go bust or something.

    Someone they made a turn around 'cause now every other person wears them.
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    Cheers, im gonna look to get a pair of them... I've been using my running trainers, they dont have any soft soles on them, but the heel part is massive
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    Triple H vs The Undertaker on now!!

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    Undertaker won. Who the **** would've guess that?

    /sarcasm in case unaware
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    I'd have guessed that?
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    Are those new Divas presenting the "teams" into the ring or have i not watched it for ages?
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    One of Lesnar/Batista probably coming back tonight.
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    Chickflick about powerlifting

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    (Original post by redbuthotter)
    Chickflick about powerlifting

    Go to sleep you ****ing crackhead.
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    Just eating my cottage cheese. Plus got **** all to do 2moro morning .

    (Original post by SMed)
    Go to sleep you ****ing crackhead.
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    Pulled a sickie for a ****ing week. Did nothing. Now up all night to bring project work to see my project leader tomorrow. Not even close. Pulling... just... one... more... sickie anyway.
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    I got some studio monitors (speakers) for my PC. Jelly?

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    Bad times, I'd say I got about 80% of the work done in the last 3 weeks of my project. Are you doing it natty this time?
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    So far.
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    If you smelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lll
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    (Original post by Tango189)
    If you smelllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lll
    Watchout your comments bro^

    Better spoiler that
Updated: April 23, 2013
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