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roommate wanted in london

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    Hi. My name is Kamila and I'm from Poland. I'm going to start my film&television course at London College of Communication on 27th September 2012. I'm looking for a person who would like to rent a flat with me in Elephant&Castle or in some district next to it. I'm 19 years old, smoker, drinker, so I'm looking for such a person too : ) Feel free to contact me : [mod edit: don't post email addresses]

    i think i just posted on another of your posts (very similiar one)

    Both me and a friend are both smokers and drinkers, so would be suited ot this.

    I Don't know if you mind a mixed sex household or what though?

    feel free to message me etc

    p.s, also a filmmaker so could be quite useful

    Hey, you probably have found someone already, but i thought i would just say that i would be interested too. I will be going into my second year in september and i study filmmaking at London South Bank University, so being in central london is ideal, and i think you uni is right near mine as i applied there last year. So i mean it's up to you, i'm a social smoker but dont generally smoke a lot as i like to run, but i do drink yes, and love to socialise. I have only been in london for 8 months and i want to experience it all and moving in with like minded people which i think, studying film, we would get on, as i love to watch my film. If you are still looking give me a message or add me on Facebook:


    I hope to hear from you soon

    well im still searching for housemates and as you've been in the area for a year before it would be of use to me to find someone who knows it.

    ill add you in a mo.

    I'm also looking for a place to stay there

    oh rad, ive sent you a friend request. so give me a message and we can work stuff out.

    Where isit your studying? etc etc

    Hey there,

    Looking for a student to live with me and my friend in a flat in Central London in Holborn. We are both student in Central London and we are looking for a new housemate!

    The total weekly amount is approximately £230 per week, including all bills.

    if you are interested or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact; please use the Private Messaging system.

    Kind Regards,


    Heey if you are still looking for flatmates then I am starting London College Fashion in September. I am sociable, outgoing and easy to get along with. I'm looking for somewhere in East London Dalston, Hackney ect. Let me know if you are interested

    Hi me and a friend are looking for 2 other flatmates to live in the central london area.

    Rent will be 140-160 and we are students from LCC.


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Updated: July 4, 2012
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