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Associazione Calcio Milan v Futbol Club Barcelona - ITV1 19:45

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    Ibra doesn't seem to have his usual flair.
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    Alexis should have scored that -.-
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    (Original post by johnharris19944)
    Off topic but why are Milan not wearing their home kit?
    Superstition. Milan beat Barcelona 4-0 in the 1994 final wearing an all-white kit.
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    (Original post by Mess.)
    Those were the exact words that went through my mind :rofl2:
    Great minds think a-like and all that. :gah:

    Also, Antonini is no slouch, but that pace from Sanchez. :coma:
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    Ibras first touch, my god
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    come on milan show barca they can be beaten
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    Love that Jim Beglin is telling Barcelona how to play football.
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    That pitch looks a mess. The ball is bobbling everywhere.
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    What kind of ****ty pitch are they playing on? Everyone's slipping.
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    Brilliant game yet there are no goals. Hoping for at least three in the second half.
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    Was thinking lot of slipping haha
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    Missing those early chances was criminal, can only see "tika-taka" coming out on top now.
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    Alves :facepalm2:
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    Interesting to see some of the barca players struggling because of the pitch.
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    I get that they have Ibra up top, but those Milan CBs need to stop playing hoofball. The long balls are an exercise in futility.
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    It's clear the pitch is a mess. Ball is bobbling everywhere, the wings, Alves is slipping. Arsenal had no chance considering our football.

    Barcelona can play through the middle with astounding effect and should break-through eventually in the second-half. I'm going with a 1-0 for Barca.
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    Messi has scored more than liverpool this season apparently :holmes:
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    Only a matter time before barca score!
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    (Original post by DaveSmith99)
    Interesting to see some of the barca players struggling because of the pitch.
    Deliberate, you think? Though I think it was Nesta who slipped once giving Barca possession just byt eh side of the penalty area.
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    this will finish 1-1.


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Updated: March 30, 2012
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