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Pasty Row

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    Ahhh this is still something being talked about?
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    (Original post by paperclip)
    Under the 'hot food = VAT' rule, would i have to pay extra on a sandwich from Subway if i were to have it toasted?

    What if the meat were hot/microwaved?
    Yes anything above room temperature
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    (Original post by tsnake23)
    My point was that most of the left leaning media have blown this 'pasty tax' way out of proportion. Its as if they want to divert attention to the fact that most of the working population will receive hundreds of pounds extra a year. Instead they want to focus on a tiny tax change designed to close a loophole that will cost a small section of the population a few pence a year, and that's assuming pasty shops actually pass on the price increase.

    Also referring to your question, I really can't see why students would be more concerned about saving a few pence on a small range of hot food when they will end up receiving £100+ per year extra when they graduate or on their work placement year. I can't imagine other people being particularly bothered if it wasn't for the media spinning this story.
    Its not just the media, over half a million of people have opposed the tax and signed a petition. Yes a tiny tax will make a difference, single mums can barely afford the 66p treat for there kids as it is, however the extra 12p means that they might just not be able to treat they children. A sausage roll on the bus home from town might just be that child highlight of the day and your saying the government are right to take this away from them. It might not sound like a big deal to you , however I have met some of these people and the extra 20% will just be that too much.
    Why make the poorer and the rich even more rich!


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Updated: May 21, 2012
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