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MSc Management - HELP

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    Hey guys, I've done my research and have figured out all the best business schools for MSc Management (Cass, Manchester, London etc..) that I'm hoping to apply for this year/or next.

    Ill be graduating from Warwick in June, hopefully with a 2:1 in French Studies BUT as I have to send in a transcript, they will note that some of my results are quite low. I just scraped a 2:1 in first year + I have 2:2's in my language modules as I SUCK at French grammar, they make up about 25% of the overall weighting. The other 75% my 'real' modules are mid-high 2:1 though.

    I'm really hoping for everyone to say that it won't matter at all, but I guess thats not the case. Has anyone else had similarly big differences between modules? Should I make it obvious on my application that I am always improving, do best in what Im interested etc...Any advice would be great!

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    I would look at it this way:

    You have to send your transcript in order to apply at this stage unless you're willing to take a year off so that you have your degree in hand before you apply.

    You can talk about your interests and strengths in your personal statement.

    Your referees will talk about your academic abilities in their references anyway. You could specifically ask them to mention that you are on track for a 2.1 in spite of having some low grades on your transcript. Unis know that bachelors degrees can be quite general and that everyone isn't the best at all the modules they do/have to do.
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    I would have a look at the Masters in Management course at London Business School. You can't do MBA due to lack of experience but they did get rated no. 1 school in the world recently which is going to be hard to beat.

    In terms of applications you need to have a narrative for going - i.e. a story of why you're switching from languages to business rather than just high marks in a course.
    So other experiences linked to business, and a great knowledge of their course etc will help you (My sis has done a Masters and PHD in business)


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