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The favourite cheese thread

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    Wensleydale with cranberries or halloumi, both are absolutely delicious! I could eat just on their own all day every day!

    I stupidly gave up cheese for lent It has been so tough and I'm never doing it again.. oh well only 10 more days to go!
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    Love cheddar and mozarella and parmesan on dishes is delicious.

    But I also like local Cypriot cheeses like halloumi (; anddd CYPRIOT feta > Greek feta
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    Really ripe french camembert <3
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    Goats cheese. Or mature cheddar. Or blue cheese. Or Wensleydale. Or maybe just...

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    I love love love cheese, but strangely I only eat value range mild cheddar. I hate the crumbly cheddar.

    My favouritest ever is this beauty:

    It's got such a beautiful creamy honey taste!
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    (Original post by Sophie_girl)

    It's just such a beautiful cheese.

    I'm going to my kitchen now.

    If there's no mozzarella there, I think suicide will be the only option.

    And you and your post will be entirely to blame
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    (Original post by rosiemaphone)
    Need to try this cheese. It sounds like a pirate noise. And it's from a place which generally generates good food.

    Thank you!

    It's pretty wonderful, and comes wrapped in nettle leaves which is a bit mad but they don't really have a taste so it's all good
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    Oooh, le Pié d'Angloys is SO good, as is Port Salut. :love:
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    I think I love every single type of cheese I've tried so far..but my favourite ones are Roquefort and Emmental :lovedup:
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    Goats Cheese! :ahee:

    <3 x
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    Soooo many good cheeses:

    How about Stilton, Wensleydale, Vintage Cheddar, Camembert, Pont L'evique, Reblochon, Mozzarella, Parmesan and Gorgonzola to name only a few! :eating:
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    Gotta love oak smoked cheddar....
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    Had some amazingly ripe salad tomatoes today for lunch, and it made me want a ball of mozzarella, some good quality olive oil and a sprinkling of basil. Alas, we had none, so no insalata caprese for me!
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    To all the Camembert lovers, my mum bought two exceedingly ripe Camembert cheeses today, as well as a massive smoked Wensleydale Nice little cheeseboard for dinner this evening


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Updated: April 1, 2012
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