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Shawn Tyson gets life for the murder of two Brits in Florida

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    (Original post by Elipsis)
    As far as I am aware, in these neighborhoods the whites stuck around for a reasonably long time and then started leaving in droves. They didn't just say 'o ****, a black man, run Neville run'. The whites were working class just like the blacks, most even worked in the same factories.
    Good Neville pun.
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    (Original post by Agenda Suicide)

    There shoukld be no worry about prison funding, if we can't afford new prisons, take money away from the prisoners.

    God dammit this makes my blood boil.
    but then your gov. would end up with a whole bunch of human rights violations. It is rather annoying that people who show no respect for the rights of others and for laws, are able to use these same rights and laws to have it easy behind bars.

    I'm in no way saying that it is 'easy' in prison. But it is a walk in the park if you compare it to Bangkok Hilton for example. Nor am I saying that all prisoners should be treated the same, but for murderers etc, a BK Hilton style operation is needed...
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    (Original post by shampoo1)
    Wasted his life?

    He wasted his two poor victims lives aswell. xxx
    I know that.....

    What's your point?
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    its an understatement to say he deserves this
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    (Original post by sexbo)
    I know that.....

    What's your point?
    Re-read the point to get the point.


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