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Will UKIP become a "big" party?

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    (Original post by Cannotbelieveit)
    Lets not forget there was a time when the SNP and Labour were small parties.
    That was before massive social upheaval in this country, and that is what it would take for UKIP to get votes on the national level.

    That or some sort of crisis with the EU, and Eurosceptic tory MP's defecting to UKIP. Thus bringing in a new reign of terror by Labour.

    The UKIP have a good chance in becoming the thrid most popular party due to public opinion of the Lib Dems and Nick Clegg being at a low.

    I sure hope so.

    UKIP can't become a big party in the sense that FPTP ****s up any possibility of UKIP winning seats. But i do think that the UKIP vote will keep getting higher and higher and so the Tories will find it more difficult to win majority's in parliament. This i think will force a future Tory Govt. into calling for an EU referendum, otherwise Labour will start to find elections very easy to win.

    I hope so, our younger generation is to frustrated with it either being one or the other.

    it will never become big.

    becuse the big ones already down my pants.

    I expect UKIP will profit immensely from Cameron's traitorous decision to quash a referendum on the EU, my prediction is that they'll come first in the 2014 European Parliament election and continue to snap at the heels of the big 3 during all the by-elections and local elections between now and the next general election.

    Not under the FPTP system.

    This is why I am baffled at how the general public complain about the main 3 parties, yet when given the chance to allow new parties into government (via AV) there was an almost unanimous no.

    The general population are fickle.

    I have to admit I am being pushed towards UKIP.

    I would say it is unlkely but with the recent suggestions coming out of the Tory Party, In would hope the more libertarian Tories will considor moving parties.


    First time ever that UKIP have caught up with Lib Dems in a poll!
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    thought I would bump since this is all becoming rather relvant the last few days

    They could quite easily become a "big" party.

    I think personally what they should instead do is to concentrate on a regional area rather than be a nationwide party. That way it could concentrate its resources and stay focused in winning a few winnable seats rather than spreading itself thin and just being merely a party that removes votes from the Conservatives.

    One thing for sure, they would definitely need to rebrand and reinvent themselves to be more than just a single issue party that it is now perceived to be.

    I must say after living, working and doing business in Switzerland I think the UKIP is exactly that UK needs.


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