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Where do people stand on the 'Thigh gap' situation?

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    I emphatically do not have a thigh gap. They're reasonably muscular and not that fat - In fact they look quite slim, but I still have to get a size up in trousers to accommodate them.

    Anyway, I don't want a thigh gap. I don't think it would ever be attainable for me anyway, what with fairly muscular limbs and narrow hips, but still, I don't actually want one. Having touching thighs gives you much better grip when you're upsidedown on a pole!
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    (Original post by breebeatdown)
    When I was 18 I had amazing legs and a nice little 'thigh gap'. They never rubbed together as I walked or touched as I was standing like normal. I know as you get older your body changes and that but now as soon as I'm standing they touch and I don't think it looks nice (they don't rub as I walk though) I've asked people before about what they think about 'thigh gaps' and they aren't really fussed about them.

    I just want to hear other people opinions on them and hopefully someone can help me change my mind. This could all just be in my head..
    how do you stand to determine whether you have a thigh gap? is it with legs as close together as possible?

    then again 'thigh gap', doesn't necessarily mean you're fat if you don't have one...
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    Not important.
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    This thread is the epitome of 'First World Problems'.
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    It really is all about shape. You see some size 20 women who still have a 'thigh gap'.

    I'm a size 10 but have never had one, and tbh I'd have to become anorexic to start losing weight off my legs, because it's just my shape. My sister is the skinniest person I know but she doesn't have 'the gap'. My mum has been on diets for years and goes to an exercise class most nights, but I keep telling her she can't shed the weight off her hips or legs because she's build like that. I feel like I'm the mum sometimes...

    I hate that only the people who are born with those legs are the 'sexy ones', and every model barely has legs - no wonder there's so much anorexia among young people today!
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    It's not just body shape but also hip width - I have very wide hips which gives me a massive arse but equally a small thigh gap even though I'm nearly over weight. If I lost about 25 - 35lbs I reckon I'd have a thigh gap standing up.
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    I have a thigh gap.
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    It's completely about body shape - I have reaaalllyyy wide hips ('child-bearing hips' ha!), so I have a thigh gap, even though I'm no-where near 'skinny' - I'm a pretty average weight. However some people would have to be a really low weight before they got anywhere near having a thigh gap. Just depends on your bone structure really!
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    I totally just stood up now and stared at my crotch to see if I have a thigh gap...

    I've got one, a small one and I'm a size 10, but not a skinny one. I'm apparently a a good weight for my height (according to my doctor) and could probably be a size 8 if I cut down on biscuits but I like food too much and I don't need to so why bother, but I imagine if I did lose weight I'd have a wider one.

    I think the kind of really wide thigh gap that you see on models actually looks weird, like they have some kid of hip deformity or something! It makes them look a bit like a cow boy when they walk!
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    I've never been a fan of the thigh gap. It looks kinda unnatural to me, so I wouldn't worry about it.
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    I have and always have had one, despite never being underweight. It's more to do with bone structure - I have wide hips but not fat legs.

    Little bit unfair of people to say it looks unnatural... anyway I like it!
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    Did I mention I have a thigh gap?
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    ok...so i just googled them to see whether i was for or against thigh gap....and after clicking on the first picture i see i come across some girls 'thinspiration' blog where she is eating around 230 calories a day and going for 2 long walks to burn off the carbs.....so she can have a thigh gap with her feet touching.
    SO against this right now. absolutely fine if you are healthy and your genetics mean you have a gap (as i know is the case for a lot of you on here), NOT fine if you literally starve yourself to get one. and the thing was, the pictures she was using as inspiration were mostly photoshopped, and she obviously didnt know that. this sort of media representation of women actually makes me so angry sometimes
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    Well at least you don't have legs that ****ing rub together as you walk. Trust me, it's ****ing irritating. I know other athletes who have to put talcum powder on their thighs because it's that bad in the morning.
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    Why do people even care about this? I'd suspect most guys didn't even know there was such a thing until seeing this thread. I'd never heard about it anyway. Can't say "thigh gap" is what I look for in a woman....
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    To clarify, my thigh gap is when my feet are together. I might join thinspiration to be their inspiration.
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    I'm a slim woman, always have been, but I don't even have a thigh gap. Must be my black girl genes :ahee:. Most girls I've seen that have thigh gaps look too skinny to me tbh.

    First time I heard about the term "thigh gap" was some weeks ago when I watched a Gok Wan documentary about teenage girls obsessing over becoming skinny and looking at thinspiration tumblr blogs. Hmm, unless you're naturally that way, it doesn't look particularly healthy or great.
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    I think 'Cameltoe' if I ever see one :holmes:
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    (Original post by xDave-)
    Why do people even care about this? I'd suspect most guys didn't even know there was such a thing until seeing this thread. I'd never heard about it anyway.
    Exactly that. And now thinking about it, if I see that I think it mostly goes together with wide hips, which I think have some appeal together with the gap. But that's only in like one or two pictures I saw checking this out now. 99% of the pictures I just saw on google just look awefully anorexic, I can't imagine a guy who'd want that?
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    I didn't realise a thigh gap had to go right up to your **** bone. I haven't got a thigh gap.

    Only realised this once I googled pics and saw a proper thigh gap, plus I was wearing boxers and had to get naked to check.


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