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best airline to fly to china (hong kong- doesnt need to be cheap)

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    Im getting flights paid for up to about £900 to fly to hong kong this summer- anyone had experience of flights to china? what do you recommend/ not?

    I flew with American Airlines to New York last summer and hated the experience- I hear British Airways is good

    I want good service, minimal possibility of delays, good baggage allowance... general comfort

    thanks for your help!
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    I flew Emirates to China (with a stop off in Dubai) which was a really nice airline.
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    Cathay Pacific. Five star-rated by Skytrax (Emirates and BA are four, American is three) and because it's the HK flag carrier they'll fly you there non-stop.
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    Singapore airline is the best, and i think it's the most expensive
    u can try hk dragon air.
    i've had expenrience with cathay pacific, i tried to cancel my flight and called them, and i think it's about 30 minutes after the waiting, not helpful at all. plus, they never replied my email. and now, after 1 year, i still havent get my refund/
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    I've actually always flown Virgin to Shanghai and it's always been pretty good, great selection of in flight entertainment as well. The food on Singapore Airlines is amazing though. Been on Emirates as well, but you'll probably have to do a Dubai stopoff.
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    (Original post by rockrunride)
    Cathay Pacific. Five star-rated by Skytrax (Emirates and BA are four, American is three) and because it's the HK flag carrier they'll fly you there non-stop.
    I heard their seats dont recline- is that true?
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    Cathay Pacific.
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    I always go with Emirates, you get a little stop-off in Dubai which breaks the journey up a bit. Also their food is well nice
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    Emirates. Their service is great and the entertainment system is top notch. Plus the baggage weight limit is higher than most other airlines.
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    (Original post by hennessybubbles)
    I heard their seats dont recline- is that true?
    Definitely not. Not sure how you can have non reclining seats on a 12 hour flight...

    There's no point going on Singapore Airlines unless you want to go massively back on yourself, having a 4 hour flight.
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    I've always had good experiences with Cathay Pacific, they do regular direct flights from London to Hong Kong.
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    Cathay Pacific is the way to go.
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    Cathay Pacific

    BA and Virgin are ok.
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    Do all Emirates A380 from LHR-HKG via DXB and BKK.

    You cn get a return ticket for that route for around £550 with Emirates.
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    If Singapore airlines go there then GET ON IT. A wonderful company.
    If not. British Airways?


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Updated: April 15, 2012
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