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Do you morally agree with pre-marital sex?

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    In favour

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    My view is that people should wait for marriage.
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    Ignore poll: I accidently clicked multiple choice answer thinking it was the public option. :facepalm2:

    Can I remove it and start another, please?
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    I agree with pre-marital sex :yep:

    EDIT: I wonder which of the religion-nazi's negged this :rolleyes:
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    I don't see what negative consequences are imposed onto society and other people occur from premarital sex other than perhaps the two parties involved.

    Making poor lifestyle choices isn't immoral.

    Though the vast majority of the time I don't think it's a poor lifestyle choice, but that's just totally subjective anyway so why even talk about that.

    IMO there's no valid reason as to why it should be immoral(and I'm an Atheist so to me citing religious texts isn't a valid reason), and whether or not pre-marital sex is wise is subjective.

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    Really doesn't bother me in the slightest.
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    I agree with it, but ffs, use protection
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    (Original post by failingatm)
    I agree with it, but ffs, use protection
    Don't remind me, luckily my girlfriend is at uni and doesn't want kids yet..
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    Don't care, if two consenting adults want to do it and are safe and responsible then what's the harm?
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    Sex is just a thing you do with your body. Who are we to say whether consenting people should or should not do it? It's 2012 man, lighten up.

    Edit: I see the prudish religion nuts are coming in thick and fast. If you disagree with pre-marital sex that's just ridiculous, stop living in the stone age. :rolleyes:
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    I encourage it.
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    I agree with ppl doing whatever the **** the want.
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    Yes, if anything you must absolutely compare the market and try before you buy.

    Otherwise you risk being stuck in a relationship with someone sexually incompatible.
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    The idea of fornication being wrong is as obsolete as religions that advocate it.
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    In favour as in marital sex is morally okay that is - not your statement/
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    don't care
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    One BILLION per cent yes. You're wrong
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    (Original post by Iron Lady)
    Ignore poll: I accidently clicked multiple choice answer thinking it was the public option. :facepalm2:

    Can I remove it and start another, please?
    Ah I see what you did there

    You deliberately made it multiple choice so you have more "Against" votes
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    Completely for it! however there are some people in the world that should be made infertile...
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    Haha the poll adds up to 105% Thats excellent
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    I don't see anything wrong with it so I guess you could say I agree with it.

    I don't see it as a 'sin' - surely if a God existed, he/she/it would just want people to be good people and not murder/rape/etc...pre-marital sex is hardly important in comparison to those.


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