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Do you morally agree with pre-marital sex?

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    In favour

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    Whatever floats your boat.
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    Yeah of course.

    There may be many compelling legal reasons while people who emotionally are in a 'married' relationship may not be married or even cohabit.

    I don't really agree with the 'sex is fun and harmless and you can do whatever you want with as many consenting adults as you want as long as you use protection' perspective though.
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    Don't see why not.
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    (Original post by Multitalented me)
    Would you buy a car without a test drive?
    love this!

    also, really ****ed off that someone could even see this as a moral issue, it's a religious issue and should be in the religion forum.
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    (Original post by Herr)
    The idea of fornication being wrong is as obsolete as religions that advocate it.
    You are wrong.
    Christianity will never be obsolete. FULL STOP.

    I am a Christian and I agree with the OP. The proper context for sexual intercourse is within a committed lifelong relationship in which the man and woman have vowed fidelity to each other before God. The white dresses worn at marriage should mean something (ie purity)- I certainly hope my future wife hasn't cheated me out of that.

    "Buy before you try"- if we are going to use purchasing metaphors anyway. Human beings are not for sale. Sexual incompatibility is extremely rare in the experience of Christian counselors; it hardly (if ever) happens that a couple cannot have a loving and fulfilling physical relationship once they are married.
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    (Original post by ScheduleII)
    You are wrong.
    The proper context for sexual intercourse is within a committed lifelong relationship in which the man and woman have vowed fidelity to each other before God.
    Says who?
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    Yeah, there's nothing wrong with it. Before the institution of marriage was founded everyone had pre-marital sex, didn't they?

    That said, for myself I could never sleep with someone I didn't absolutely love, for me the physical and the emotional sides of it are completely intertwined. But then again, you don't need marriage to certify that you love someone, and I appreciate that not everyone is like that.

    And what about gay people like me, who in most parts of the world can't get married? We can't really have post marital sex unless marriage is an option for us. And, um, I'm really not going to wait another 30 years for it to become legal
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    It's alright.. As long as you are very responsible and know it's consequences...
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    As far as I'm concerned, if you like sex then have it.

    Personally, I think I'd only have sex with someone I love/am very good friends with. However, that's not important for some people and that's just fine.

    So long as there is consent and protection, I don't see the harm in it.
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    Marriage is meaningless
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    (Original post by xDave-)
    Marriage is meaningless
    For you, maybe. But for many of us it still holds meaning
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    I don't see any sense in which it can possibly be immoral. The only reason to believe so would be if you were religious.
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    I'm not keen on marriage either, and who to say you have to be married to officially love someone?
    I would only have sex too with someone I love/really have a connection with, but that could happen anyway so yes, I'm for it.
    If a girl I potentially could like had that view, things wouldn't go that far.
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    I agree with it, get as much of it as you can while you can, but do it safely obviously.
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    Don't see how it has anything to do with morals.
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    Weddings are a social constract. There's no reason why people should be forced to marry each other before doing something that any other animal does naturally.
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    I don't care if non-Muslims have pre marital sex. They can do what they like. Who cares.


    I think pre marital sex is wrong and would urge others not to do it either <insert negative effects of pre marital sex upon oneself and society>

    I can't win either way. The first statement, I'd be accused of treating non-Muslims as second class. The second, I'm stuffing my beliefs down others' throats.
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    I'd advise strongly against marrying a girl you haven't ****ed.
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    I don't see a problem with it. There aren't any negative societal consequences. If it increases our birth rate that is good because Britain has a historic manpower deficit. If you opt not to have sex before marriage that's your choice, but you're making your life less enjoyable, and if you insist upon the same in a partner, vastly narrowing your options for no real reason.


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