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Food and Drink: All-Star ABSURDIN-DINS!

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    ** - I'm away to try that right now

    I don't normally like Fried chocolate, but get a fried twix, melt cheese on top and dip it in bbq sauce - wow!
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    sandwich with peanut butter, bacon, fried onions?
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    ** sounds really nice, I want to try that now.

    Galaxy chocolate, melted onto a ham and pineapple pizza. I was curious. It was nice.
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    Ham and pineapple pizza alone = NO.

    Ham, pineapple and CHOCOLATE pizza? (****) RATING RIGHT THERE.


    Our local chippy does battered chocolate bars, etc and offers a "Bring and Batter" for a fee, when you bring in whatever you want and they batter it for a pound. When it first started the novelty value was through the roof, and we tried pretty much everything deep fried in chippy batter.

    As such I have tried a Double Decker, Mars Bar, and Creme Eggs amongst many things battered; but my most obtuse or bizarre choice may well be a Fresh Peach. It was foul.
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    Why you'd even think of peach, I don't know. James and the battered peach would have been a horror novel, definitely.

    People seem to find it weird, but a toast sandwich is really nice. Bread, a slice of toast, another bit of bread.
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    The toast sandwich featured on the BBC as the cheapest possible meal a few months ago, from a 19th-century cookery book. So it's got precedent!

    When I ordered a chicken pizza in a restaurant a few months ago, I was expecting cheese and tomato to be there, as normal. I got my cheese OK, but instead of tomato... they added creme fraiche.
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    (**) - Creme Fraiche is nothing weird on a pizza, but commercially it's definitely usually a bitta mozza!

    How about this: I have to - HAVE TO - put every single other item I have with my burger, ON my burger. Onion rings, nachos, chips... from dunker to dip, I have to have it with my beef!
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    For me that's a good ***, as I like to separate things. More components, separate things I get to attack, the better. All together, it goes too fast!

    Today I topped my porridge with a crumbled weetabix.
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    **, nothing too weird, but I've never heard of it being done before. It sounds like something that could catch on.

    Nothing too weird for mine- a fry up and a thick chocolate milkshake for breakfast.

    EDIT: I can see this thread causing everyone to try and eat weird stuff to earn *****. I'm going to check out my cupboards now!
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    ** I cant imagine me having that for breakfast but i'd give it a go if there was nothing else :P

    - Cheese, sprinkled with coffee granules and honey. (It sounds rather strange but it was actually one of Jamie olivers recipes!)
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    * had that, it's ok, good with goats cheese.

    pepperami dipped in strawberry jam and cream cheese?
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    ** Doesn't sound really bad, I love cream cheese with jam.

    When I was a kid I loved dipping baguette pieces on custard.
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    **, weird but I imagine it to be nice. I'm tempted to try it. Plus, bread and puddings go hand in hand traditionally!!

    My mum is a salt FIEND. She has it on pretty much anything, as much as she can. Purely because I saw her do this one today, I'll say this example. Slice of toast, thick layer of butter and a fistful of cornish rock salt.
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    * salt goes with anything, and I know people who salt up their buttered bread or toast.

    A girl I knew in primary school apparently loved crumpets with butter and jam or peanut butter.
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    * I don't get it... There's literally nothing weird about that? Is that uncommon?!

    In an attempt to make my weetabix sweeter, I added some jelly babies to the milk, heated it up in the microwave and then added the weetabix to the mug. It wasn't actually that bad (though I wouldn't recommend it!)
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    ** that's a little strange!

    not me, but my friend eats marmite, peanut butter, pickle and ketchup sandwiches... *feels faint*
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    (****) Marmite is demon's blood. Mixed with Ketchup? Gherkins? Peanut Butter? Are you sure this is a real thing?! Sounds like someone just ducked into the "most ridiculous ingredients" barrel and plucked out some top five contenders here. If legit, definitely a high four!

    I have been known to eat cucumbers - whole cucumbers - like they were fruits (apples, bananas etc).
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    I love cucumbers, so share this oddity with you!

    I love mixing cucumber, pineapple and maybe some carrot/croutons together at the Harvester 'help yourself to salad' buffet
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    Unusual choices, maybe, but it's still just mixing some salad items together...

    I've eaten this a few times recently and didn't think it was odd until I got home and my sister started acting like I've gone crazy... plain rice with tinned soup poured over it.
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    (Original post by Renacata)

    Unusual choices, maybe, but it's still just mixing some salad items together...

    I've eaten this a few times recently and didn't think it was odd until I got home and my sister started acting like I've gone crazy... plain rice with tinned soup poured over it.
    ** Never done it, but I would. Just like a sauce for your rice I guess!!
    The flavour of soup interests me though.

    And my Mum finds it weird that I cook a bowl of porridge, then I sometimes top it was raw porridge oats. I like the texture.


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