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Sixth Form or College: Law Degree at Oxbridge

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    I really want to study a Law degree at Oxbridge after my A Levels and am wondering if where I go (Sixth form at a Grammar school or a College) will affect my chances of getting in? Also, which A level combination would be best:

    Option 1 (Grammar School 6th Form):

    Option 2 (College):
    Spanish if possible, if not psychology

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    to be honest it doesn't matter whether you go to a sixth form or college, if the teaching standards are the same. What's really important is self-motivation. Also, steer clear of law a-level. the first combination seems the best one, though ideally you could substitute politics for history, it's very well regarded for law.
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    Where you go isn't as important as how well you do! The first set of options sound better than the other, simply because Law A-level is seen as slightly more soft by Oxbridge. But they're both good subject combinations - universities really love languages so the Spanish is a good idea.
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    I would say try and go somewhere where you feel that the environment will encourage you to think a lot and maybe give you the chance to have good discussions in class.
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    Thank you Everyone, this has been really helpful in helping me make my choice


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