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Was I wrong?

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    (Original post by twoforjoy)
    yes, you paid her what she paid for the item. Sale complete. Just because she went back and found it for cheaper, doesn't mean that you have the right to the money. That's like you buying something in Asda, then finding it for cheaper in Aldi, so you go back to Asda and demand your money back. They'll tell you where to stick it!

    Asda do money back guarantee if you find their items cheaper anywhere else.. I think..

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    no, i gave her the money, she went and bought a new one for cheaper afterwards.
    would you buy something from a shop then see it o sale later that week and ask for the difference :/

    of course your wrong

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    after. Basically, she would still have returned it and would only have gotten the new price back. She did something like this to me once:
    she bought an item, did not suit her, asked me if I wanted it because when she took it to the store, they told her they would only give her the new price back.
    I was pissed as well she did this and I am her sister!
    But still, everyone in my family is saying that I have no right to complain and should shut up. My mum told me I was an idiot and business is business! She said if I did not understand these things now, how the hell would ı be able to deal with people?
    I no longer have it, and was given the money back by my mum.
    I'm sure if you have the receipt then you will be able you to get the original price back, however without one you will only get the current selling price back. To be honest I wouldnt worry about it, get over it and don't make the same mistake again. I think you're both in the wrong, her for selling it to you and you for wanting it at the cheaper price. Money and families don't mix well in my opinion.

    Sorry but unless I have misunderstood you are wrong. So your sister bought something, it didn't fit her and offered to sell it to you at the price she bought it for. You agreed to buy it off her and gave her the money. If you didn't like it or couldn't afford it you shouldn't have bought it off her.

    Then she went back to the shop two days after you had bought the first one off her and she bought a second one that did fit her. It just so happened that the second one she bought was cheaper than the first. I don't see why you should be entitled to money back since technically you bought it two days before your sister did, when it wasn't in the sale. The only way in which you would be entitled to any money from her would be if the item had been in the sale when your sister bought the first one and hen she lied to you about the price, but that doesn't seem to me to be what happened.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    no, i gave her the money, she went and bought a new one for cheaper afterwards.
    Oh... the other replies make a lot more sense now. Once you paid for it, it was yours. It doesn't make any difference if she found it cheaper a couple of days later.

    You were wrong imo. Sorry!

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    basically, a sibling bought an item that was too small for her. I tried it on, looked nice on me, and gave her the money.
    She went back two days later and got it for cheaper as it was reduced. I asked her why she did not give me back the extra pounds as the price changed and she is my sibling.
    She replied sharply that it was her luck and I could not have the extra pounds back.
    I thought she was wrong because if I returned it, the current price would only be given back to me, not the full one (as it happened to her one day). An argument ensued.
    Was I wrong? I am confused.
    Why exactly should she loose out on money just because you bought her top before the prices went down? Thats like going into a shop and saying 'I bought this top yesterday, full price but today it is cheaper, give me the difference!' never-going-to-happen.

    OP you are wrong. Just accept it.

    She didn't want something, you chose to buy it off her. Why should she give it to you at a cheaper price? If she had returned it immediately, with a receipt, she would have got the full price back, so why should you get to pay less? You shouldn't. Just because she went and found it again in her size, at a cheaper price, makes no difference.

    And besides, you've now been given the moeny back anyway by your mum, so what are you complaining about? All this whining has made you come out at a profit.

    Ah, don't worry. My little sister is like this...:unimpressed:


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Updated: March 31, 2012
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