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USB cable for phone isn't working

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    (Original post by ArcadiaHouse)
    See, that's just it - nothing happens when I plug it in. It only comes up if I press the cable and phone tightly together, which hurt my hand but I managed to do it for long enough to get a few songs on.

    I'm just going to need to get a new one. Thanks anyway
    It could always be the connector on your phone that is faulty, with the behaviour you describe it seems the most likely problem. Try the cable from a friend's Nokia, Blackberry or HTC, they're all the same anyway.
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    (Original post by ak137)
    98p from amazon:

    Alternatively, you could get a cheap phone if this is causing you too many problems and cba with the hassle?

    EDIT: techyshop? (:lol:) :erm: why not from amazon?
    Hi. I bought that USB stick on Sunday and it arrived today. Still nothing happening when I plug it in
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    (Original post by ArcadiaHouse)
    Hi. I bought that USB stick on Sunday and it arrived today. Still nothing happening when I plug it in
    Hello again

    Try downloading the Nokia Suite from this site:

    See if it works with that (unless you're already using nokia suite?).

    Other than that, I cant suggest anything else except...change your phone lol? :dontknow:

    Hope it works for you


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Updated: April 18, 2012
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