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Failing a first year module?

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    OK, so I'm a first year geography student. I passed my january exams with straight 2:1's and am pretty comfortable in all my second semester modules, except one...

    There's a coursework based module that I do not understand at all. It's based on 2 parts, 1 is a literature review and the other a statistical test review. Basically, I've already failed the literature review (as in, 38%, so properly failed) and although I haven't got my second part back yet, I cannot imagine it is good enough to pass. My figures were all over the place compared to other people so it's basically a 2,000 word report on nonsense numbers that are completely wrong.

    If I fail this module, does it mean I have to resit the whole of 1st year, even if my other module results are good? I really don't want to resit so I'm getting kinda worried about the prospect.

    Thanks for your help.
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    It depends what university you go to. So long as you passed the 1st year overall mine would let you into second year, but make you resit any failed modules.
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    It is highly unlikely that they will make u resit the whole year. As long as you have 40 % overall... the worst they can do is make you resit the module in summer.. or take it up in second year.. thats at my uni though!! check your uni handbook
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    At my uni as long as you got 40% overall in each module then you could progress or even get between 30-39% in up to 40 credits and go into second year.


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Updated: March 30, 2012
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