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Caramel or red highlights?

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    Sorry if this is difficult to picture but I don't want to post a photo on here :cool:

    I have very pale skin, very dark brown hair, and hazel eyes. I've had the same look for my entire life and I'm sick to death of it, so I'm contemplating putting some color in my hair. I'm just torn between going with blondish/caramel colored highlights, or possibly some sort of red?

    I'm not sure because I feel like the caramel may add some warmth to my skin but the red may look more striking. Any advice or pics?
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    A red streak on black would look very striking, yes

    Caramel, OK, but personally I've never liked blondish highlights on black/ dark brown hair.
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    Caramel highlights often (at least in my opinion) look shocking when put on dark brown hair. I once considered getting it done until I realised that it would probably look better if my hair was light to medium brown. (I have dark brown hair/pale skin/hazel eyes, too ) Maybe red? I know a girl who has a red streak in her fringe and it really suits her, though her hair is black completely, and her complexion is very clear.

    In short, go with what you think looks best on you. (Personally I find red hair looks better if it's red all over, and not bright red but a sort of auburn shade. That was me, though; I found it really suited me, despite initial reservations.) Or ask your hairdresser - they usually have a rough idea of what colours suit what people
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    Ah see I wanted to actually dye my entire head red - not an unnatural red, something soft. But my hairdresser said red fades quickly and I'd need to re-dye every four weeks

    I actually had caramel highlights years ago - my hair isn't black, and maybe the color wasn't exactly caramel - more like a lighter brown. It looked nice and I think made my eyes stand out more but I wasn't in love with it and I'm dying to try something new!


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