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Soap and Glory......in love!

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    On my few trips to the UK I stopped in to Boots and picked up a couple of Soap & Glory products (Righteous butter, Scrub em and leave em and the Clean Mary milk) and absolutely fell in love.

    We recently (finally!!!) got the S&G line in a few American stores, and I'm itching to stock up. What are your favorite products, and which ones should I definitely try?
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    I saw Soap & Glory in Sephora when I was in America a few months ago, but I think they might have just had the skin care and body etc and not the makeup. Do they have both near you or just skincare?

    I haven't tried that much from S&G but one thing I would definitely recommend is the Lid Stuff eyeshadow pallette. I have the nude one and I use it nearly every day.
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    I religiously use Hand Food and Righteous Butter. Mmm they smell so good!
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    Breakfast scrub, Glad Hair Day shampoo and conditioner and Flake Away.

    After shaving/waxing, and using Flake Away, then righteous butter, your legs feel absolutely amazing.
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    This is one of my favourite products.. ever. :3
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    Hand Food definitely! And Pulp Friction, Peaches and Clean, Face Soap and Clarity......agh, my list is endless. I love pretty much everything they do!
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    They completed my quest for vegan body spray so I'm very happy with them. I will definitely be buying more of their stuff in the future.
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    I looveeee Soap & Glory!!!
    My favourites are the Hand Food (awesome, awesome stuff!!), A Great Kisser Lip Balm (in peach), Peaches & Clean and the Face Soap & Clarity.
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    I'm a soap & glory junkie!
    Their shampoo & conditioners are amazing too, everything smells gorgeous and works really well. Shame it's quite expensive though!
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    Kick Ass Concealer is incredible, and I really love their perfume, the one that's in the brownish bottle - It smells so lovely! Everything I've tried smells so good, I think that's why I love their products
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    I love the Hand Food hand cream and the Clean On Me shower gel
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    Hey , my most favourite product from soap and glory not including the righteous butter which is to die for is there sexy mother pucker lip gloss which is gorgeous it makes your lips so shiny and mouisterised and smells lush and stays on which is great for a night out my favourite shade is half naked ohhh forgot to say it has lipswell technology in it so when you put it on it plumps your lips up it tingles quite a bit but not for long give it a try as i loveeeeeeeee it http://www.soapandglory.com/lipgloss/super-colour-sexy-mother-pucker-half-naked
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    I got a free bottle of Foam Call shower gel when I bought some S&G stuff from boots, it's smells absolutely lush! and you only have to use a tiny bit for it to foam up and cover your whole body.

    I also love their Cheekmate cheek and lip tint and Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss.
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    Clean Girls shower gel, The righteous butter, The scrub of your life, Hand food.

    Make up - arch de triumph (eyebrow shaper) and solar powder.

    Love them
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    Anyone able to tell me what their lip balms are like?
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    hand food. I have one on my desk and one always in my bag. Best hand cream ever.
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    the hand food, and the sugar scrub what ever it is they call it are two i am never without
    i LOVE them
    but cant go wrong with anything soap and glory
    all smells soooo good,
    and their lipstick was the first i found i wasnt allergic too
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    I love the Righteous Butter
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    Hand Food...OMNOMNOMNOMNONOM...it smells so good I wish I could eat it <3
    Also, the cosmetics are rather nice too, especially the lip balms
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    I got Hand Food the other week and I love it although weirdly when I first got it I could just smell the marshmallow, but now whenever I use it I can't smell the marshmallow at all and it just smells really strongly of bergamot Nice though either way.

    Also liking the Heel Genius foot balm.


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