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Does anybody use Bare Minerals?

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    I still can't decide how I feel about it. Before the company got very famous, they used to only advertise on TV very late at night, and I decided to order the foundation on a whim, which was gorgeous. I continued buying it and the products grew more popular and now are available in a lot of makeup stores, but I feel like the formula has changed and now it looks kind of...cakey almost on my skin.

    Does anybody here use any Bare Escentuals products (foundation, blush, eyeshadows, primers)? I haven't used it in about a year but I'm tempted to try again for some reason.

    I do and its not cakey on me but my mum hates the finish on her skin and she feels it 'settles' on her skin. Maybe try with a little pot first then if you like it buy a larger size

    I have the blush too which you need a really light hand for but its really lovely on, got a few eyeshadows too but they are a bit too much hassle for day to day.

    I've just bought a pack 50% off from asos.com! My mum uses it and looks so good! The pack I got was about 20 pounds but has mascara (very good!), eyeshadow/blush, foundation, brush, primer and lip balm.


    I haven't tried my foundation as I'm waiting for my skin to settle down but apparently if you have acne its best to use a powder.

    I'd say give it a go - by a pack like mine and hey if it doesn't suit you, you've still got the mascara, primer, eyeshadow and lip balm!

    I use the matte foundation when I want a light coverage. I just wish it came in lighter, less-yellowy shades, as even their lightest is too dark for me and my skin is pink toned.

    I wonder if it's worth it, as there are other mineral makeup companies out there that I want to try.

    I used to hate it because it gave me hundreds of tiny little bumps under my skin. But I decided to try it again (the same pot so the formula hasn't changed) and I really like it. I have the original one and I really like the finish, it makes my skin look nice and bright and glowing.

    I hate the kind of powdery look Bare Minerals gives me and it tends to oxidise after a few hours if theres even a smidge of oil in your skin, getting an attractive orangey shade in bright light!

    Try Bobbi Brown Mineral Skin Foundation instead...farrrrrr superior and is so beautiful and light yet amazing coverage that stays put for like 6-8 hours! I swear by it!

    I've been using Bare Minerals foundation for months now and I think its great. My mom, sister and a few friends I know use it too. My skin has been really clear with minimal breakouts. I typically use a concealer first then tip the container upside down once and use the little amount in the lid. Im not sure about the formula changing but whatever they are using now works well.The eyeshadows and blush are good when used lightly. The lipglosses are amazing. The eye primer is good too, but I hated the face primer. It has shimmery flecks in it and too much comes out of the dispenser so a lot gets wasted. To be honest Im not sure it did much priming either. The slate eyeliner was pretty useless too, the colour was kinda non existent and didnt do much for the eyes. I think if you can, get a set so you can test the different products and see which works for you

    I used to like it but now I think it's a complete waste of money! It made me look cakey and orange even if you have oily skin like me, go for a liquid foundation designed for your skin type they are just so much more natural looking!


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