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International reputation

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    I have got unconditional offers from the following
    University of Edinburgh - Economics Ma(Hons)
    University of Edinburgh - Economics with finance Ma(Hons)
    St. Andrews University - Economics Ma(Hons)
    Durham University - Economics with politics Ba

    As I am an international student, I do not have too much information about the international reputation of the above universities and courses. I have seen quite a lot of rankings, both overall and specifically for economics, but I guess ranking isn't everything.

    I anyone in here have some experience from any of the universities regarding international reputation, I would appreciate it greatly of would share with me!

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    the 3 are very similar

    I think the prevailing opinion on this forum is that St Andrews and Durham are marginally better than Edinburgh.

    If you rule Edinburgh out, you should then decide whether you want to study economics & politics or straight economics and also compare the campuses, modules offered etc.
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    I'm just amazed you'd apply to those uni'
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    (Original post by Cabine Sono Qui)
    I'm just amazed you'd apply to those uni'
    I am from Norway, so basically all the universities are better than most Norwegian universities when It comes to climate
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    (Original post by georgj)
    I am from Norway, so basically all the universities are better than most Norwegian universities when It comes to climate
    Hahah fair play! Also, Edinburgh, St. A and Durham from what I have heard/seen are absolutely beautiful
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    durham is the best out of the lot for economics. my best friend goes there and loves it.


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Updated: March 30, 2012
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