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HPAT Ulster 2012

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    (Original post by rmoran640)
    Ooh i checked my UCAS there and my deadline is 7th June! That gives me plenty of time
    Whatever you choose will probably see you around haha
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    (Original post by Larry Duff)
    Same here - very excited, but totally bricking it in equal amounts.

    I done Environmental Engineering about 10 yrs ago in Jordanstown, so a total change in direction. I'm not sure I'll get away with heading out on the beer now as much as I did the first time though...
    Hahahah!!! I needed a quick primer on Irish slang there, had to look up "bricking it..." Just think, this time you'll be top of your game at uni - older, wiser, and ready to conquer it! There's a lot to be said for getting another go 'round, I think.
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    If people don't accept the offer for a course or if people don't get the grades but have an offer what happens to their place??
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    (Original post by Kerry12)
    If people don't accept the offer for a course or if people don't get the grades but have an offer what happens to their place??
    The places go on to clearing, however with Ulster that is extremely unlikely as they have so few places and make like 3 times the offers of places than they actually have because naturally not everyone will firm their place and some won't get the grades. It's probably more likely they would have too many than too little
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    (Original post by Sophie1985)
    its nutritional sciences, just wish they would get back to me sooner rather than later, i mean how are highers students meant to organise going to uni if they only get offers in August?! at least i should hear june/ july time
    It's a bit tight alright. Best of luck with it!
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    got conditional offers for diagnostic and therapeutic radiography so happy
    congratulations to everyone!
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    aaaaaah unconditional offers for diagnostic, therapeutic radiography, physiotherapy and occupational therapy yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!
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    To everyone who got unconditional offers, is that because yous already have the grades?
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    yeah that's exactly it
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    (Original post by Scoachie)
    yeah that's exactly it
    Thanks just curious as a lot of people seem to have them haha, i just need to get the grades too now!
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    Anybody know if we have the sort out the injections eg BCG ourselves before we start the course? Or does Ulster let you know closer to the time what needs to be done
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    just wondering has anyone got an email off ulster? I put dia radiography in ulster as my firm choice and havnt heard anything off them . .
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    Well folks, I firmed my offer from Robert Gordon in Aberdeen, so I guess I'll not be seeing you at UUJ. Best of luck to all of you!!!
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    i think i'm going to firm diagnostic radiography
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    Anyone doing podiatry?
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    Who's firming Diagnostic Radiography?
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    Hi is anyone doing OT and can help me with details on funding etc? i'm really confused!! Do we pay fees or is it supported by the NHS I was told that it was funded and we didn't have to pay any fees but now I keep hearing different things,can anyone help?:confused:
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    I'm hoping to do OT aswell and I know you did get fees paid but now I can't find any info on it :/ although I think their introducing a non means tested bursary.. We would probably be better emailing jordanstown to find out.. I think the whole no fees was the appeal for a lot of people lol
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    Thanks for your help OT at Jordanstown is my only choice and I've got an unconditional offer because I did my alevels last year so I'll definetly be going but just want to be sure if I need a loan or not it's all so confusing lol I've been looking online for a while but I keep finding different info some say fees are paid for you then others say the opposite :/
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    I did my a levels last year too but Im still not quite ther haha but yeah it's my only choice too.. I really have no idea! I hope they are paid for by the nhs! But Ive still signed up for student finance NI just incasies


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Updated: November 28, 2012
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