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Physio vs sports rehab!!

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    I am a 28 year old mature student looking who has just completed a higher certificate in Ireland with a view to doing physiotherapy and also post grad sports rehab in the UK to have a dual degree, aka sports physio. my problem is i haven't been offered a physio place this year but the uni's have offered me sports rehab places instead (coincidence).

    This may seem like the same difference but the cost of three years is going to be 24 thousand sterling and then 2 years pre reg physio after i finish the sports rehab course. :confused:

    Whats peoples thoughts on this, should I take a gap year and go for physio again next year or get my foot in the door and start my journey regardless of the money i have to pay off!!

    Hi David,

    I think that it depends on your goals in life... Remember that you don't just have Ireland/UK to choose from....

    In the Netherlands Hanze Groningen University of Applied Science and Fontys University of Applied Science both offer degrees in Physiotherapy.

    Oh, the fees in these 2 Universities are £1,500 per year and there's a student loan that you can access!

    They're still accepting applicants and Degrees Ahead can help you to get an offer from them if you want. As a mature student (as mature as me!) I think that you're probably better suited to life in the Netherlands than new school leavers... You know what you want and (hopefully) have more discipline as the course is quite full-on...

    You could also choose to go further afield to Australia but fees there can be from £16,000-£22,000 per year and there are no student loans!

    I hope that this gives you help - send me a personal message if you need help finding the right place for you!

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    Thanks Amy, i have a question you might be able to help me with,...

    I am going back to education as a mature student and have an offer to do sports rehab. I am going about getting a dual degree, im going down the route of doing sports rehab to achieve a 2:1 honors to enter pre reg physiotherapy.

    My question is, to do pre reg physio will the unis only require the 2:1 as entry requirements or will they want English and maths a levels/ Irish leaving cert also?

    Any other helpful advice would be greatly appreciated

    The degree in physiotherapy offered at University in the Netherlands are undergraduate and require a completed high school. Jo from the Degrees Ahead team
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    (Original post by Degrees Ahead)
    The degree in physiotherapy offered at University in the Netherlands are undergraduate and require a completed high school. Jo from the Degrees Ahead team
    I see, if i was to take an offer for say sports rehab in a university in england, would i be able to apply through ucas next year for physio even though i am on a course? Or could i even switch to the physio course in the uni i am at, has this been done before?


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Updated: April 17, 2012
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