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Some questions about Roehampton

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    Roehampton is one of the universities I have an offer from (for Film and Creative Writing) and am considering, and I just wanted to ask some questions to anyone who goes there/has been there.

    - Do you think going to a university around a city as big as London makes it harder to make friends/means there's less of a community feel? I worry about not having a general area to go out where everyone will know each other.

    - Is the atmosphere on campus lively and friendly with a good community feel? Do most people tend to live on campus?

    - What's the SU like? How do most people seem to spend their social lives?

    - I think I'll be at Digby Stuart, which halls there are the best for making friends and so on? I don't want to be in halls where everyone just lives in the same space but doesn't socialise.

    - What's the LGBT scene like? (I'm female, bisexual but prefer girls, if that matters.)

    - What are the students like? (I know obviously they're all going to be different, but for example, a lot of students from Bath Spa mentioned that students there seem to be arty types, is there anything like that you've noticed?)

    Thank you, I'll be really grateful for any responses!
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    i'm in the same boat as you and really want to know about these things too :/
    and another thing is how good is transport?
    i have applied for digby stuart halls too
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    Ooh, what course have you applied for? I think I'd apply for Digby Stuart too because that's the campus my course is on

    I think the transport's fine, you can get a bus from right outside the uni to the nearest tube station.

    So Roe is your firm, I take it? I can't choose between St. Mary's Twickenham and Roe.


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Updated: April 27, 2012
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