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    Should I do a fine art painting degree at Falmouth or Wimbledon?
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    (Original post by p0ppy)
    Should I do a fine art painting degree at Falmouth or Wimbledon?
    Completely depends where you feel suits you best, they are both good courses but Wimbeldon has an outstanding reputation specifically for painting and you get the benefits of being in London (galleries, events etc) while on a pretty 'out of the way' leafy location - though it still has the horrible sky high london costs.

    On Painting if thats your interest Id say Wimbledon edges out Falmouth - trust your instinct, which place felt better?
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    Thanks, I went with my gut and when with Wimbledon. Exciting stuff.
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    weid, I'm thinking the exact same thing but for sculpture, any one have an idea?
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    I have heard that Falmouth is stronger for sculpture. A lot of my friends have chosen Falmouth over Wimbledon. It depends where you think you will be able to grow as a person. For me London seemed particularly suiting because i'm from such a small town.
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    I decided against wimbledon for paitning just because of the halls situation, and am now chosing between falmouth and edinburgh! falmouth is in the middle of nowhere but seems to be a really nice community of students its such a hard decision
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    I know the halls are so far away! Edinburgh is amazing! but also very far away (depending on where you are from) Falmouth is very strong and I loved the atmosphere of the students. I found it so difficult choosing between Falmouth and Wimbledon. In the end I just went with my gut.


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