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St George's University Grenada

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone was thinking of applying to St George's? I wanted to study Vet med there so if anyone attends I would be greatful to hear from you.....
    I was wondering about the course itself, will it allow you to practice in the UK?
    Also if its a good university? I have heard good things about it from various vets where I work, and I have also seen it advertised in the veterinary times magazine.
    Would you recommend applying to St Georges as I havent good the cleanest A level record it has taken me a few retakes to get near decent grades due to unfortunate circumstances, so was also wondering if it would be better to do a degree at a UK university such as biovet med and then apply to vet med as a graduate?
    thank you
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    I am thinking of applying as well but for medicine not vetmed. I love the idea of the 'Keith B.Taylor Global Scholars Program' which gives the opportunity of spending half of medical school in the UK/US. Anyway, thing is I don't know the mitigating circumstances that made you have to re-take your a-levels a few times but from what I've heard about st georges, it's quite a hard course so I would just say make sure you are ready to work your butt off....


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