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Is it "grim oop North"?

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    The north will rise again
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    (Original post by Blackburn_Allen)
    The beer is better, that's a certainty. :beer:
    I get it :P
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    There are occasional places in the North which aren't nice places, but generally it's quite nice, the centre of most of the cities in the North have been regenerated and look really nice, some places though are a dump, e.g. moss side in Manchester, but generally it's no worse than down South. It's not as though London is problem-free.
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    People saying the north has no industry or jobs other than unskilled ones-I would love to take you to Manchester Deansgate on a Friday at 5 when all the suits that work in the banks/law firms overtake the bars and start popping champagne!
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    (Original post by Ann Widdecombe)
    It's an awful part of the world, and barely even recognisable as England. It's a grey, nightmarish, post-Industrial wastleland, and spending more than an hour there, inhaling the ever-present scent of undigested Greggs sausage rolls and Irn Bru WKDs vomited up onto the streets by the intoxicated, shaven headed barbarian youth, mixed in with the excess choking tobacco smog from roll up cigarettes that doesn't end up happily causing tumours in their pathetic, pointless, common lungs is enough to make any previously happy person utterly anhedonic and suicidal. Its environment seems to consist mostly of bin bags, cardboard cartons that previously contained fried food, council houses and abandoned factories. At least one of the following terms - usually at least five - can be applied to practically every person who lives in the North: uneducated, thick, short, ugly, socialist, obese, incoherent, alcoholic, racist. The North disgusts every fibre of my being. But there again I've never been there.

    Grey, nightmarish and post industrial? Visit places like this, and I'm sure you'll change your mind on that...

    Wasteland? Loads of cities in the north have been regenerated... For example:

    As for "usually at least five - can be applied to practically every person who lives in the North: uneducated, thick, short, ugly, socialist, obese, incoherent, alcoholic, racist" - You're the one making these unsupported ridiculous claims, are you actually being serious? :confused::eek:


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Updated: June 9, 2012
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