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HELP PLEASE! Sunderland or Kingston Pharmacy

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    Hi TSR

    I have applied for Pharmacy and received the following offers:

    Sunderland : B in chem, B in Bio
    Kingston: 300 points from 3 a levels (i.e ABC)

    My current grades: B business, B chem, C bio

    I am resitting some chem and bio modules, however I will probably struggle more to get a B in bio than an A in chem.

    I need advice on which one to choose as firm and which one as insurance. Looking at league tables Sunderland seems to be considerably higher than Kingston both for Pharmacy and overall, it also seems to have higher employability prospects.

    However, will the ranking of the university really affect employment prospects
    for a pharmacy job, is Kingston really that bad a uni and is Sunderland really much better?

    The only other factor is leniency, I was thinking that Kingston may be more lenient if I missed the points slightly if I had them as firm rather than insurance.

    What does everyone think?

    Thank You
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    Hi, in my opinion I think you should put Kingston as your firm since you are confident in obtaining an A in chemistry than a B in biology so it's best to be safe that way. Fortunately for pharmacy it does not matter what university you get your masters in, in terms of job prospects, since it is the same teaching all around regardless the university rank on the league table- unlike other courses like law where your job prospects depend on what uni you went to. Perhaps you could go to the open day since it isn't too late, and especially to make a more sound decision.


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Updated: March 31, 2012
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