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How many hours of revision a day do you plan to do in Easter?

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    A2: Around 2 hours a day.
    I have orals mid-April, so need to brush up on vocab, need to analyse my geography resource booklet and collect case studies, practise answering some questions etc...

    BUT, I did plan to do that today, but ended up going in the bath instead for ages instead, then just laid on the floor for ages :lol:
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    Advanced Higher - About three hours a day, starting Monday
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    I think I need to replan my easter xD
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    IGCSE (11 subjects) 7 hours
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    Last year I did between 4-7 hours per day with days off to do go out.
    This year, I doubt Ill be doing anything above 4 hours per day! Im just to tierd of A levels!
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    (Original post by lonelyknight)
    You people are all mad D=

    I'll be hopefully doing around 2-3 hours a day, max. And about half of that will be spent daydreaming.

    No timetable, I revise when I feel like and stop when I feel like.

    I'm doing AS, by the way
    If i was doing that method, I'd stop and never do anything again.
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    Hopefully 6 hours a day.
    But then again, I've planned to do this so many times before and have ended up doing about 2. However, if I don't feel like revising, all I have to do is think of my January modules! Do not want to get those grades again :/

    AS levels - Biology, Chemistry, Psychology, English Lit.
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    Plan: a billion million hours.
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    Got 5 AS exams so I'm going to do an hour and half per day per each of those. Plus my coursework and then a bit for my A2 bio here and there but then do that for a couple or three hours a day from the end of may until the exam near the end of june.
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    From 9th Aiming to complete 30hrs for each of my modules for revision.
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    Waiting for football to get out of the way
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    I'm now on day two of no revision whatsoever though. My plan fails.
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    (Original post by twinlensreflex)
    I'm now on day two of no revision whatsoever though. My plan fails.
    LOL same! will start soon though...
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    AS Level - 25 hours a day.

    I'll need it as well.
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    How does one make a 'revision timetable'

    anyone doing bio chem and another subject can share theirs with me? I've never done one and really need to revise.

    Last year I did nothing.
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    for IGCSEs 3-5 hours a day on the first week, then possibly longer on the second week
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    (Original post by amber109)
    LOL same! will start soon though...

    I said that to myself in January... did very little in the end haha.
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    For days when i'm not doing anything:
    6 hours (1h30 for each subject)

    For days when i am going out/doing something else as well:
    4 hours (1h per subject)

    However, I tend to have targets each day rather than sticking to an exact time. So, like today, I finished my physics work half an hour early so had extra time off.

    I think it's important not to overwork, but doing a good amount each day certainly helps.
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    A-levels- around 4-5 per day
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    (Original post by f1mad)

    I said that to myself in January... did very little in the end haha.
    hahahha yeah i was being sarcastic


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Updated: April 5, 2012
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