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Are we still hostile towards Germany

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    I'll just say - it wouldn't surprise me if that was heavily edited as opposed to a genuine response from the audience.

    I went to the auditions last year (in the audience), and they got us to film certain 'reactions' at the beginning of the show. I'm quite sure a couple of the auditions that were aired weren't paired with the actual responses they got..

    If it was genuine, then yes, they should be ashamed of themselves. It's very ignorant and narrow-minded.

    (Original post by Bagration)
    It's not even about history, Germany dominates the European political system, is a major arms trader, has no investment in humanitarianism etc.
    Are you kidding me?! Germany has the third highest development aid budget in the world, UK is fourth (this said, if you play the historical debt card, Britain would be obliged to have the highest budget in terms of colonialism in Africa, Asia etc.).

    Germany is also ranked third in terms of arms export, the UK is fourth!

    Also, how is Germany "dominating" the EU (not saying that it is actually true) automatically bad? Germany is one of the few remaining European countries which have shown at least some financial and economical responsiblity in the past, that's why Germany still has the highest rating, why people even pay the government money to be able to buy state bonds, why there are no university fees and no riots about it, why the economy is expected to grow by 3-4% in the midst of a crisis.

    Today Germany is one of the most democratic countries in the world, maintains one of the highest living standards and is among not that many countries which have successfully come to terms with their past (whilst Turkey still refuses to admit the genocide of the Armenians, the US don't mind to talk about the genocide of the natives, Hiroshima etc., the French not paying much attention to the Algerian war ...).

    no, but the allied troops won the war, and since the England has been death, so many people still cant deal with the fact that England isnt a world power anymore.

    I don't feel we are hostile towards Germans

    Not really.

    I personally can't wait to visit Germany.

    I came here just to post that BGT video... :'(

    I don't know anyone hostile to Germans; they are awesome people, with a quality sense of humour, not unlike us!

    (Original post by Darth Stewie)
    Some people who lived through WW2 are still alive and most European countries teach it at some level in their education system, the wound is not fully healed but the vast majority of people don't blame the current Germans for the actions of their ancestors. In things like COD the people who shout "heil" do it to get a reaction and because WW2 is the most well known part of German history, i doubt they actually hold any genuine hostility towards German people.
    Simply I agree completely with this, for the most part any hatred towards Germany is for the most part people taking a known event and using it to provoke a response.

    Also Germany does "dominate Europe" atleast enough to threaten Britain with expulsion from the EU. Being the most powerful country in Europe it does little to not throw its power about in decisions. Also Scotland has Free Further education, (or is it higher i get them mixed up either way university level) therefore Germany is not the only country.

    EDIT: I did not mean the last statement to be aggressive in any way, I was simply pointing out that fact.

    Urgh I remember watching that, quite a painful experience. Still, I guess it's just indicative of the type of people that care enough about BGT to attend a live show As far as I'm concerned, the five or so Germans who I know well are all great people.


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Updated: April 2, 2012
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