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Fear of 'suddenly dying'?

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    Recently I've developed this overwhelming fear of 'sudden death', mainly after hearing about a disease called SADS that people can die of. I've become so worried about it lately that it actually plays on my mind all day it's a disorder where people seem to randomly collapse and die of an undiagnosed heart complaint for no reason, and it's been bothering me so much lately.

    I even fear going to sleep now because people have died in their sleep from it. I have read that some of the people who've died from it have had symptoms beforehand like dizziness, heartburn and occurs mainly in those who play a lot of sports. My boyfriend has all three of these things. This is really terrifying me now! Has anyone else experienced a fear like this/heard of this disorder?
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    Aaaand breathe. And relax.
    Look up Eckhart Tolle or similar people who quite rightly stress that worrying is not leaving thoughts be, you're the one creating too much stress for yourself! Even if there is a possibility of it happening then it shouldn't be a reason to spend time worrying!
    But yeah, I've had many thoughts like this. In fact I have an irrational fear that my heart is either going to stop or explode and often check my pulse if I can't help it. When these thoughts come along I silently, calmly let them pass. You shouldn't create an enemy in your head thinking "OMG stop! I'm panicking now!!!" or it will just get worse.
    Hope things improve You seem like quite a worried person, hope you learn to calm a little
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    Hey, I 've experienced what you had a few years back and I know how it feels. Its like all of a sudden your mind goes haywire and you don't know why you can't stop thinking about it and you try to counter it. All I can say is do something that you know will calm you down and get your head off that worry. For me, that would be swimming. When you have a bit of peace then try to concentrate on that and hopefully you will feel much better and stronger. Hope this helps, you can always address me if you need to talk about it. Oh and if you have a powerful and influential song that you can relate to, then use that to keep your mind occupied instead of this negative thoughts. Have a nice day
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    If you die, you die.
    Being paralysed by fear isn't much of a step up from that, anyway.
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    you get used to it.
    I used to think about dying in my sleep and when I woke up in the morning I was happy but I got over it.

    but then I had weird ones during the day time like what if the atmosphere of the earth disappeared.

    do you take drugs?

    *I also went through a phase of thinking my heart was going to stop it just felt too slow well below 60 sometimes I swear it was below 50.
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    (Original post by Yellow_Watermelon)
    *I also went through a phase of thinking my heart was going to stop it just felt too slow well below 60 sometimes I swear it was below 50.
    Haha I'm the opposite, don't like it going too fast for no apparent reason. Slowww is goood


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Updated: April 1, 2012
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