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Roommate wanted in London

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    Hi, my name is Kamila and I'm 19. I'm looking for a person who would like to rent a flat with me. I'm starting my film&television course at London College of Communication this year (september 2012). I would like to look for a flat in Elephant&Castle or in some other district next to it. Feel free to contact me : )
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    hi, am natasha am 20. Am a law student @ uel am also looking for a buddy up but its kinda hard to find a nice place, i won't mind getting a place with you. contact me and we could talk
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    Hey there I'm in the same boat, but I'll be a second year studying business at LSBU.

    I currently live in Elephant and Castle in student accomodation but I need to find somewhere to share for September.

    Feel free to message and we can talk further
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    Hey Kamila, Natasha and Ollie,

    I am a graduate starting Dentistry in September at Kings based at Guys.

    Will be looking for somewhere to stay.

    Message me and we can discuss further.
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    Hi, Ill be studying media practice at LCC. me and another male friend (Both aged 19) are looking for people to share with in the area.
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    Hey guys, me and my mate are looking to start a flatshare in elephand & castle area for september 2012, we both go to kcl.
    If anyone is interested we are looking for fun, friendly, tidy and SOCIAL! people to move into.
    Found a few good properties for around £120-£140 a week, and just need 2 people to move in with.
    Anyone interested please drop us a message!
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    (Original post by nadiva)
    hi, am natasha am 20. Am a law student @ uel am also looking for a buddy up but its kinda hard to find a nice place, i won't mind getting a place with you. contact me and we could talk
    Hiya I'm Sophia and i was reading your ad and it sounds awesome I am also studying at the University of East London. I'm starting my second year and i'll be arriving on the 31st of august which is when i would be able to move in. Are you still looking for someone?

    Would love to hear back from you

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    Hey sophia,
    I wanted to know if your still looking for a place because I and another frnd plan on moving to this beautiful 3bedroom in mid septemeber and will love for u 2 join us.


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Updated: August 14, 2012
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