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tea in cups vs mugs

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  • View Poll Results: tea in a cup/mug
    can't taste a difference/ not fussed
    prefer cup
    prefer mug
    have to have a cup
    have to have a mug
    prefer it with my one (kind of) cup/mug in particular but will drink from others
    Will only drink it using a particular cup/mug - will have a cold drink if I can't use it

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    although cup is fine too. we use cups with guests.
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    What kind of sick perverted freak drinks tea out of a cup?!:mad:
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    Mug > cup. With a mug you get a decent amount of tea, and I have some very cool mugs. -nods-. cups, you don't get enough tea in them. paying €2.50 for a hot chocolate, then it to arrive in a tea cup. NOT impressed.
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    Mug, always. Simply because they're far bigger than cups.
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    Mug because I can get more in it. :coma:
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    I don't taste a difference. However initially I have always thought that a cold drink goes in a cup, and a hot drink in a mug... :rolleyes:
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    (Original post by HaNzY)
    Yes I have different cups and mugs depending on my mood and what kind of tea I fancy. One keeps the tea hotter for longer, a few I have are huge so I get more tea, we have some blue plastic ones that give a good all round tea, there is one that makes the sugar taste better and there are ones perfect for quick cooler teas which can be drunk in seconds. There is also one mug I have in particular that gives the nicest tea that outranks all other mugs when I open the cupboard Thankfully this mug is one of the cadburys ones you get with the easter eggs, so easily replaceable if needed! I would be upset without this mug!

    Did anyone guess I was a tea-aholic?
    Totally agree with the cadburys mugs! I have a kitkat one, creme egg and smarties and they beat all other mugs hands down


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Updated: April 2, 2012
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