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How many exams does everyone have

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    how many exams do everyone have I have 9 exams

    I want to retake C1, and 3 psychology exams but my school doesnt let me

    and how is everyone coping?
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    I have 6 exams this summer, I had 7 in Jan and 9 last summer so its gradually going down.

    I'm assuming you've already started revising....I'm going to do at least 4 hours per day in the holiday and try to increase it when I can .
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    16 GCSEs
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    5 ASes between the mid and end of may and one A2 near the end of june.

    My sixth form only let you do so many resits this year which had to be approved by your subject and form teachers! Luckily I did only want to do the 1 resit, else I'd end up like last year.
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    2 final year uni exams, but they cover two whole modules
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    19 (GCSE) exams.
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    got 10 as exams
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    8 AS exams, including 2 resits
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    9 AS exams. Completely ****ting it!
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    15 exams, but i'm not too worried done enough work so hopefully should be fine Good luck everyone.
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    2 exams for 2 modules for uni. One is seen and can take in reference lists with me. The other is blind and got to remember everything for the questions.

    Both exams are worth 50% of each module
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    4 exams AS
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    8 exams for AS including 3 retakes (nervous now!)

    <3 x
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    My friend does IB, she's totally ****ed. I think it ended up as being 20 or so exams or something stupid O.o

    Anyway. I have Econ 4, Hist 3, Critical Thinking 2 and Photography. But Photography & CT will be done by the end of May.
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    15 GCSE exams, 1 AS exam, 1 FSMQ exam.
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    8. 7 A2 exams and 1 AS repeat (for the second time).
    C3, C4, S1, M1 (repeat), Econ3, Econ4, Biol4 and Biol5.
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    6 3 hour long exams :nothing:
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    I have ONE 15 hour exam in april (art subject) then two in summer.

    English and Media, all of my subjects are 40% or 50% coursework. Phew, glad that over!
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    i'm too scared to look at the sheet that tells me...
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    4 A2 exams.

    Thankfully, our school still does January exams and I have no retakes. The Yr12s at my school, however, don't have January exams so they have 9 or 10 each, poor buggers.


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