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Does anyone actually use their car cigarette lighter to light cigarettes?

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    I've noticed that most cars have built in cigarette lighters, but that in general many people just use them for plugging in their phone or mp3 player, etc.

    This might sound light a dumb question....but does anyone actually use the car cigarette lighter in their car to light cigarettes?

    Also, isn't it strange that in this day and age of anti-smoking that all cars have cig lighters in them?

    I was just curious if anyone still uses it for smoking while driving. Seems so outdated.
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    Most new cars I see don't actually have the lighter but have the plug socket and a cover.

    I've only ever seen my uncle use the car lighter because he didn't have a lighter on him.
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    As camoxide said, a lot of new cars don't have them installed as standard, although they do have the option of purchasing a 'smokers pack' including a lighter and sometimes an ashtray as some cars don't come with ashtrays either.

    The lighter in my car has been used a few times by passengers (I make them stand outside as cigarette smoke in a car isn't pleasant). It is useless and disposable lighters which cost a few pence are much better for lighting cigarettes.

    I don't really use the socket on my car, but I occasionally use it to power a small handheld vacuum cleaner.
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    when im rolling i do, it provides the perfect amount of time between it heating up and me finishing rolling a fag to then light it
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    How can the OP have three posts and be banned already? :laugh:
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    could be a duplicate account?
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    I think people still do use them to light up, yeah. Most cars still have them.
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    I used to sometimes in my old car, but my new one doesn't have one. Like others have said, think a lot of newer cars don't have them these days.
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    I haven't noticied one in my mums car.

    (Original post by SleepySheep)
    How can the OP have three posts and be banned already? :laugh:
    I've seen someone banned with only 1 post.
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    my dad doesn't
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    (Original post by Ice Constricter)
    I've seen someone banned with only 1 post.
    Haha no way. What was the post about?
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    I don't know how to work it.
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    I was talking about this with a friend the other day actually, and I thought exactly the same thing about it being weird that cars include cigarette lighters when society generally does not encourage smoking.

    I've never seen someone use the cigarette lighter before, smokers tend to have a lighter on them at all times so there isn't really any need.
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    (Original post by Golden_Boy786)
    I don't know how to work it.
    This. It always fascinated me as a kid as I didn't and still don't know just how it actually lights the cigarette. I did play about with it and it wasn't hot to touch.
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    (Original post by SirMasterKey)
    This. It always fascinated me as a kid as I didn't and still don't know just how it actually lights the cigarette. I did play about with it and it wasn't hot to touch.
    You have to switch it on first
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    (Original post by SleepySheep)
    Haha no way. What was the post about?
    The post wasn't anything out of the ordinary, I'm guessing he broke the TSR house rules another way. Obviously by doing something very serious like sending threatening PM's. Or he/she might have posted a pic/vid of something very offensive and might have got that post deleted and their account permanently banned, the deletion would have lead to them no longer having 2 posts but 1.
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    (Original post by AnythingButChardonnay)
    You have to switch it on first
    But how? I pushed the bottom and it never did anything then either. Got to say, I don't really care as I'll never be using it but still.
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    My gf does, I think a lot of smokers do. It doesn't go out in the wind, unlike normal cig lighters.
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    All the time.

    I'm hopeless holding onto a lighter.


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Updated: April 5, 2012
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