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Interview at University of Reading

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    I got an email a few days ago from University of Reading inviting me for an interview on 13th of April.
    I need to book a train soon for it, so can anyone who has been there for an interview tell me how long the whole visit day lasts for?
    Also, anyone going to the interview on the same day???
    As an international student, I'm soooooooo nervous and worried about answering questions fluently in English ! lol
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    Its safe to say it will take around half the day, because:

    They will show you around the pharmacy department/ inform you about the course structure, show you the accomadation, give you a tour

    and also do your interview!! so it's a whole day thing..

    The interview is fine, just be yourself and try answer everything to the best of your ability. They will ask a few science questions (e.g. related to what you've studied so far, and why its important - also they will ask simple maths questions, e.g. converting units/working out percentages etc)

    This is what happened last year when i went there for an interview.


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Updated: April 5, 2012
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