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LCF Hair and Make-Up for Fashion 2012

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    Just wondering who else has been offered a place and is going in September? I'd love to get to know some of you beforehand (:
    All the best!
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    i got offered a place last week, so so excited!

    when did you have your interview? i didn't catch anyone's names at my one so i have no idea if anyone else has got a place or not, but it'd be nice to know some people before we all start!

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    aww well done! (:
    I swear I thought I'd not got in, my interview was January 30th, and they didn't let me know until March 30th. Was dying not knowing haha!
    Yeah, I'd like to get to know some people beforehand too, and whilst I've found plenty of UAL students and a couple of LCF students, no one seems to be doing the same course haha!
    When was your interview? Have you applied for accommodation yet?
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    thank you! oh same, i didn't even get an interview for any of my other choices so i was panicking big time! i only found out the 28th/29th of march ish, and my interview was the 28th of january. they said they'd let us know in march but they were really cutting it fine there!
    same here, i've been looking on tons of threads and i've only seen about two other girls doing the course including you! i've been trying to register to apply but it keeps coming up unsuccessful :\ so hopefully it'll sort itself out soon! where are you applying for? i've got two choices but can't decide between two others xxxxx
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    I know, talk about leaving it to the last minute hahaha! Crikey. Yeah I know, weird, but hey ho haha. Ohh that happened to me all day yesterday and I was surprised when it worked this morning, just keep at it. Try late at night/early in the morning. I've applied for Manna Ash, Bernard Myers and Will Wyatt.
    Where abouts have you decided on and what two can't you choose between? xxxx
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    yeah it was a long wait hahaa. yeah i will do, i'm so impatient! oh okay i've spent the last hour watching the videos and working out all the tube travel i'd have to do and stuff and i think i'm going to go for costume store, don gratton and manna ash. i was thinking about tufnall park and well, pretty much all of them. i'll keep changing my mind if i think about it any more!
    so have you done hair and make-up before or did you do a levels? i really don't know what to expect when we have practical lessons because they said it was going to be like level 1 standard make-up xxxx
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    ahh see i looked at costume store and totally would have gone for it had it not been a 52 week contract hahaha yeah it's a hard decision to make!
    no, i'm currently doing my a-levels, i've got work experience and i currently work for a make-up company, but i don't have a massive amount of high fashion experience. i'm just gonna roll with it and ask for help and advice when i need it to be honest, that's what we're gonna be there for at the end of the day. what about you? what are you doing at the moment? xxxx
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    oh i didn't mind that too much. i only live about a half hour from london anyway but i know if i went home for the summer i'd be so bored compared to staying in the city. that's just me anyway! yeahh, i guess it's hard to get a feel for them all without actually going to them and seeing them yourself.
    oh okay, that sounds pretty good. i studied hairdressing and make-up for a few years at college, and did a bit of freelance make-up for a couple of shoots but that's it really. at my interview they asked us all what high fashion make-up magazines we read and what make-up artists inspired us and all of us just sat there like..... awkward hahaa. so i figured i need to get studying a bit before i go! xxxxx
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    hahaha yes! that happened to me too! like i have a couple make up artists i like, but i'm not big on the magazines to be quite honest. i'll occasionally have a flick through but i don't go crazy for it. how bad is that, considering that's the industry i want to work in, pahaha. oh boy. better start becoming an avid high fashion magazine reader :P
    yeah, i debated going down to london to look at the halls, but...i'm quite happy with what we get on the internet to be honest, whilst it's not the same, it gave me a good idea as to what they were like.
    ahh that's fair enough, especially if you're only a half hour away, i'm only 2 hours or so, so not too bad, but i know i'll want to come home at summer and christmas and things, see all my friends that'll be back and my fam - as much as they drive me bonkers hahaha
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    i don't even know what ones to read though! whenever somebody mentioned vogue she was like no that's not the right sort of magazine so i'm completely clueless.
    yeah i mean, they're all pretty much the same really, it's just the area, though they all seem to be pretty safe. ahah yeah that's true, my mum's just glad i'm going to be in london instead of half way across the country to be honest.
    grrr i want it to be september now! hopefully some other people will eventually find this thread and say hello so we're not all complete strangers when we start! xxxx
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    haha, tell me about it, i can't remember off the top of my head any that she said when i was there, i'll have to do some hunting. Yeah I think it should generally be okay, and they've all got CCTV and security and things so no worries there. haha aww, yeah that's understandable, at one point I was looking at Manchester, and a course in LA so I think my mum's pretty happy I'm staying fairly close to home for the time being. Ahhh I know! But at the same time I'm so so nervous pahaha, ohh I hope so! xxxx
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    yeahh exactly, it'll all be fine! bet it'll be a pain in the ass to have anyone stay over though with the reception. oh was the one in la the cinema makeup school? id sell my left arm to go there. aha aw don't be nervous, everyone's going to be in the same boat at the end of the day. i'm most worried about getting lost in that building - all the corridors look the same! xxxx
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    yeah i bet it will be too. which is a bummer haha, we'll have to wait and see though i guess. err it was LA Make Up Academy, which they've actually got bases at in London and Dublin as well. But this was definitely the best choice I think. haha yeahh that is true, got to remember that haha. oh tell me about it i'm gonna be rubbish at finding where i need to be. when abouts would you move down to halls do you think? xxx
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    i think i read somewhere on here that there's a one guest policy or something? so that wouldn't be too bad. don't think you could fit any more people than that in the room to be honest! oh okay, i've never heard of there. it was lcf or southampton solent for me. definitely glad i got lcf. oh i knoww, i was a nightmare at the interview. we were all waiting in the canteen and we had to go down to the interview room by ourselves and i had no idea if i was going the right way or not. getting lost wouldn't have been too good an impression!
    ermm i'm guessing it'd be like mid-september if the course starts on the 24th. not really sure! oh and i was googling make-up magazines earlier and only managed to find one that looked promising.. it's called faceon and you can buy it on their website. it's full of high-fashiony make-up pictures and tutorials, you should check it out was the only one i could find though xxxxx
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    Oh really? I was taken down to my interview, maybe they realised people kept getting lost haha. Yeahh that's what I thought, I need to talk to my parents about it really and organise it. The course starts the day after my birthday haha, looks like it'll be a quiet one this year :P ahh really? Nice one, I'll have a look at that, thank you (: xxxx
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    haha yeah probably. mm same. did you not get any details about all that when you applied for accommodation? ohh how old are you gonna be? starting lcf has gotta be a pretty good birthday present haha. no problem xxxx
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    No not yet, did you? I'll be 19, feels like I only just turned 18 haha! yeah so true (: xxxx
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    i've still not been able to apply yet :\ oh i know what you mean, i'll be 19 in july and i have no idea how i got that old so fast hahaa xxx
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    ohh really?! bloody hell! hope you manage to soon! let me know how you get on (: haha i know, i swear years are just getting quicker and quicker, it's really bizarre xxx
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    i managed to apply this morning finally. what date did you put for the like approximate move in date? and urgh, i know right. could be worse.. we could be turning thirty hahaa xxxx


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