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Make up your mind tum..

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    since the past couple of months my eating is really bad im either eating crazy like every 5 minutes or feeling nauseous recently ive been wanting to purge and i cant seem to admit this to mycounseller because its making me feel like an attention seeker..ijust wish i was actually sick to get rid of the feeling but iv tried very hard not to purge..i have a few issues and this eating this is not helping at all any advice ?xx

    p.s i think ive been comfort eating for years badly..everyone used to joke about being so thin regardless of how much i eat but recently my tummy is fatter but iv not put weight on

    i dont care what size i am;just want to be healthy..17,girl

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    Depression and anxiety are not a weakness, they are an illness. As such, they have symptoms, and one of them is irregular eating habits. If you do not mention the symptoms, then they cannot diagnose you properly and cure you. I know this seems like a really robotic approach, but its true. You're not attention seeking, you are ill, so tell your councillor about your eating habits/problems. It's part of their job to keep everything you say between only them and yourself, so you shouldn't be afraid of telling them stuff.

    They are being paid to help you, not judge you :P


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