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Should I tell my Uni's about surgery?

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    Hey, since applying to University/doing student finance etc I have found out that I am eligible for surgery at the beginning of July to fix my messed up sternum. The surgery is quite major with some risks etc, and there is a reasonably long recovery time, i won't be allowed to lift objects above my head for a few months or carry excess weight for a while..

    Do I/should I contact my firm/insurance universities to tell them about this? I've never mentioned any medical illness' etc on my applications because my condition doesn't have any physical problems, my major organs etc are all fine :P. It's more of a psychological problem with how I perceive myself.

    I'm not entirely sure if I will need any additional help whilst at uni, because everyone recovers differently and the surgeon isn't sure how long the healing process will take, but I feel conflicted in the sense that I don't want to make a big deal out of this when I could be fine by the time uni starts and it would have no effect at all... But i don't want to ignore it incase I do have requirements like a ground floor apartment or other things like that to make life easier.

    I won't find out until the 15th of June whether I am actually 100% having the surgery because funding and other stuff I don't really understand has to be organised, and that's the date of my consultation to discuss the actual surgery before I have it, so for all I know the funding could be turned down and I end up not having any surgery.

    That would be even worse because I would of notified them about something that hasn't even happened! So... what would you do?

    Thanks for reading
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    Wait until you have confirmation of surgery and then tell them that day so they've got enough notice.

    Hope everything works out
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    Okay, thanks for an opinion that sounds logical!

    And thank you very much ^^ Hopefully it will!
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    I'd suggest contacting the Disability Support Office at your universities - they're well used to dealing with this sort of thing, and if they can't help then they'll know who can
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    Should I do that ASAP? Or wait for confirmation of my surgery?


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