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Corpus Christi School Science Prize for Biochemistry

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    The essay topic was about stem cells and heart disease and the deadline was last Friday (30th March). Just wondering if anybody entered and if so, how did you all find it?
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    Hi! I did...I hope it arrived in time >_<

    I found it...interesting, and actually exciting, I really enjoyed doing some research for it, however I learnt about this competition only 2 weeks before the deadline, so I doubt I wrote anything decent

    What about you?)
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    It was definitely interesting. Although when I started out I had no clue about the topic but by the end I felt I had a basic understanding of stem cells which, even if the essay gets no where, is a good thing. I have no idea how decent it is, really don't know what they were looking for! I found getting the information most difficult, searching through all those internet documents was hard work :P
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    You know, when I was writing I was like "what the hell?! why only 1000 words??? There is so much to say, what should I include??what do they want???" that was the hardest part, I think I got 999 words :rolleyes:
    Yes, even if my work will not get any good feedback(and this is the most likely outcome...), at least I've learnt something, and realized, that I really want to learn biochemistry in uni

    By the way, do you have any idea, when will they announce the results?
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    Did you do any explanation of scientific terms or give much detail for each point? I really didn't get to what audience we were writing this for. Apparently, the results come out mid-May?
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    I did not explain much :-/
    I assumed, that the audience is at least relatively interested in science, and I think I used some more scientific terms

    Mid-may then...I wonder, how many people've submitted their work...do u know anyone else who did?
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    No, I'm not aware of anybody else, but then there are not many people mad enough to like biology in my school. You?
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    Same for me... Noone that I know...
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    I did this too!!! Really enjoyed it
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    More competition >_<
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    (Original post by korian)
    Hi! I did...I hope it arrived in time >_<

    I found it...interesting, and actually exciting, I really enjoyed doing some research for it, however I learnt about this competition only 2 weeks before the deadline, so I doubt I wrote anything decent

    What about you?)
    I only discovered it a week before the deadline, so mine too was very rushed (although I did the Chemistry competition, not the Biochemistry). I was put off this one by the word count. Summarizing was never my greatest strength
    I haven't come across many people who entered so hopefully there won't be much competition
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    All you guys wondering about when you find out, I did it last year and found out on the 11th May
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    Thanks Did you find out through school or did they contact you directly?
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    They emailed me directly I got it in a maths lesson, cue wanting to shout out in excitedness but having to keep quiet to not give myself away!
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    just got "Thank you for entering our annual science competition. The tutors are considering the entries and I hope to be able to announce the winners shortly. "

    OMG - when is shortly?! T_T
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    Just got the same email - I'm excited but don't want to get my hopes up too much
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    That's the most difficult thing - not to get the hopes uo too much =(
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    saw the email and nearly had a heart attack :L definitely need to stop getting my hopes up!
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    Do you think it will be today?..
    It's already a bit late...
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    nah, if they're only just looking at the entries (which I am assuming the email meant to say) now, then I don't think it will be for a while...? :/


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