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Best staff discounts

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    If you work for Sk y you get free SkyTV (everything apart from line rental on phone, and any multirooms) after 13 weeks.
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    I know someone that works at Royal Mail and while they don't get discounts, they do get the occasional lot of free stamps.
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    anyone know about Tesco or McDonald's?
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    (Original post by bobbycrisp)
    anyone know about Tesco or McDonald's?
    McDonald's you get a discount card letting you have an extra value meal for £2.29 and breakfast for £1.99. They also have an online employee discount website and you get cashback from lots of places. Amazon, Topshop, New Look, Sainburys, Iceland and a lot more. I've saved £75 in the last year or so using it, and I'm not making the best use of it that I could be.
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    Virgin Atlantic, can get on flights for about 80-90% off, that's huuuuuge savings!
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    (Original post by Rooster523)
    NHS staff get 50% off of dominos and 20% off of Nandos

    haha the irony...
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    (Original post by TattyBoJangles)
    My dad gets 40% off everything on ASOS. I'd say that's pretty damn good - for me, anyway :P

    For part time work I think John Lewis / Waitrose offer among the best, although I can't remember what it is currently.
    You lucky lucky girl .

    Republic do upto 50%, this was for my friend who was a part timer.
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    (Original post by GodAtum)
    Met Police (free travel anywhere within 70 miles of London). So a year season from brigton - london saves £4,644.00 .
    That's not the half of it. I imagine it's very similar to merseyside police which means you also get 50% off at dominos, 30% off krispy kreme, money off most cinemas and food chains, even money off retail outlets like next and argos.

    I don't know whether they're staff discounts as such, but the benefits of a warrant card are huge. I doubt anything comes close.
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    20% off in mothercare! ahaha, so useful considering i don't have a baby.
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    Oh, a possible winner:
    several banks offer base rate mortgages to their employees. A few percentage points, sure, but on a huge sum of money.
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    (Original post by Pride)
    haha the irony...
    It's brilliant haha! Almost as bad as McDonalds being the sponsors of the Olympic games
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    (Original post by Rooster523)
    It's brilliant haha! Almost as bad as McDonalds being the sponsors of the Olympic games
    hehe ikr!
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    WHSmith gives 15% discount on books and stationary, and 12.5% discount on entertainment and DVD's and things. Both only apply after 3 months of work there


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