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The Fabulous Five Senses of Food

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    There is so much more than just munching a delicious cake. Does it excite the senses to see the sponge rising in the oven? To hear the smooth scraping of the ganache onto the sponge from the palette knife? To smell the fudgey aromas as the filling is being added? The feel of the warm icing as it coats your fingers?

    You have five senses, right? Well, food is there to stimulate all five!!

    In this thread, Cut, Copy and Paste any five foods or drinks and the sensations that best excite the respective sense. The only rule is that you can only use one example for each - no writing "cake" for all of them, and you have to give a reason! If "Chops" excite your "Hearing" sense, why is that? Let us know!! What'll be your dilemma? Whether or not the sizzling sound of bacon is more appealing than the smell? Whether or not the sight of a massive paella platter is more exciting than the tactile extraction of the shellfish?



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    The look of a gorgeous Christmas Roast Turkey just before it's carved on the table.
    HEARING: The rolling boil of a big pot of homemade Scotch Broth.... slurp.
    TASTE: The rush of pure concentrated flavour from the shell/head of a fresh cooked langoustine/prawn.
    SMELL: The unmistakable, complex and spicy smell of your curry arriving in a proper Indian Restaurant.
    TOUCH: The squishy feeling between the teeth as you push Jelly through!!
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    Surely ONE TSR poster is refined enough to be able to experience the five senses of FOODYISMS?
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    A rainbow stir fry: dark red chilli, bright red/orange sweet peppers, yellow baby sweet corns, green pak choi and mung beans, white water chestnuts, peanuts and chicken well-browned. Noodles fried with everything else in the wok.

    HEARING: That 'CRUNCH' when you chomp into a fresh raw carrot. I'd eat them for the noise alone

    TASTE: The fatty-creamy, mouth-wateringly meaty (I think the Japanese term is 'umami') flavour of a thick-rinded pork chop, fried with plenty of fennel seeds.

    SMELL: That heavenly, intensely-fruity aroma of home-made strawberry jam. When you boil all the strawberries and sugar into a red frothy liquid and it's too hot to taste, but man does it smell good!

    Runner up: the yeasty smell of fresh bread out the oven.

    TOUCH: The unbeatable texture sensation that is - eating Mochi! Powdered and silky on the outside, gloriously chewy and slightly rubbery. With soft red bean paste that spills out the centre.
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    SIGHT: The sight of a Chocolate Gateaux. They always look SO good.
    HEARING: The 'ping' of microwave as your weetabix is now done .
    TASTE: The sweetness of a crisp red apple.
    SMELL: The smell of bread coming out of the oven. Dear god.
    TOUCH: The squishy feel of marshmallows, it just makes them fun to eat.
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    I'm going for all my eggs in one basket - Taste
    Sweet - Classic Dairy Milk
    Bitter - tonic water or bitter lemon
    Sour - Haribo tangfastic
    Salty - A freshly made pretzel
    Umami - a dirty sweet and sour chicken
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    SIGHT: Fajitas! The different colour of peppers - red, green, yellow and orange along with onion and either the nice spoonful of cheese and chive dip or salsa and of course the chicken!
    HEARING: The sizzling of bacon
    TASTE: Strawberries dipped in melted chocolate, or along with a chocolate brownie.
    SMELL: Freshly baked bread - as has been said twice already :laugh:
    TOUCH: Letting ice cream melt in your mouth.
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    SIGHT: A takeaway pizza from Pizza Hut or Dominoes or somewhere. They always LOOK so promising with their cheesy top in their nice little cardboard box, with steam rising from their base..screaming out EAT ME in a Kinder Bueno advert fashion.
    HEARING: For me, when custard/rice pudding is homemade hot on the hob, and the "blob" sound as it's being poured into a bowl or over a lush warm bit of crumble or pie.
    TASTE: Egg yolk. Either from a perfectly poached egg, which you split over a lightly buttered slice of warm toast, or from a fried egg that you dip a crispy chip in or even a half-boiled one for buttery soldiers to dunk.
    SMELL: I couldn't decide between the smell of a slow-baked jacket potato in the oven, it just seems to waft through the entire house..or fresh baked bread. I'll go for bread, because my Mum usually does this early morning and waking up to it first thing is heavenly.
    TOUCH: Letting a chocolate truffle melt on your tongue. Oh my...
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    Just because it's like a big foodie porn-love-in, I'm going to do another one.

    The hyponotic coiling of a Mr Whippy Ice Cream atop your cone. Rouuund...and rouuuund...

    Hearing your microwave popcorn explode into a frenzy of PUP-UP-PRP-PLP POP OP POP!

    The powerful, inexplicably delicious lip-stinging acidity of the over-zealously applied vinegar on your fish and chips. Mmmmm.

    When your cut open your Chicken Kiev and the butter oozes out, followed by the plume of gorgeous, garlic steam!

    The feel of the soft, velvety froth of a fresh pint of lager against your top lip... mmmm!
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    Sight: cheese melting on just about anything
    Hearing: the sound of the toast popping up
    Taste: smoked salmon and cream cheese
    Smell: onions and garlic frying
    Touch: crisps
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    SIGHT: The golden glisten of butter slowwwwly melting into a fresh crumpet.

    HEARING: The slllllurrrrrp of a long strand of spaghetti as it eventually POPS into your mouth with a FLICK of sauce!

    TASTE: The oily spice BURST of a delicious Spanish sausage slice as you munch through paella rice.

    SMELL: The escaping aroma as you remove your slowly degrading paper package from that carrier bag and peel back the exterior layer... to reveal your FISH SUPPER from the chippy!!

    TOUCH: The feel of the soft interior caramel pulling from your teeth in a Cadbury's Caramel!
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    SIGHT: Your long-awaited dinner in the hands of the waiter as he makes his way to your table! Mmm... Monkfish wrapped in parma ham. Just look at that baby. (my last experience of this)

    HEARING: The crisp crackle as you bite into a pastry.

    TASTE: The sharp bite of pineapple-goodness when drinking pineapple juice.

    SMELL: The smell of a Greggs Bakery as I pass by. Or even just the bakery section in a supermarket. Mmm...pastry-filled heaven.

    TOUCH: The feel of a hot chocolate go down on a cold winters night
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    This is impossible to answer with one single thing. I'm pretty sure I could write hundreds of these....

    Sight: Looking at a beautiful, freshly baked croissant, the kind of buttery delicious glaze - and especially if you rip it in half and see the insides, so light, almost melty.... ohgod.

    Hearing: The gorgeous 'sizzle' when you add vegetables to a steaming hot wok.

    Taste: You seriously want me to pick ONE thing from all of my foodie experiences? I'm gonna go back to serious basics here, and say an ice cold glass of water when you're REALLY thirsty (say, you're hungover, or just after working out, or a hot bath) At that moment, nothing could possibly taste better.

    Smell: Is there REALLY anything that smells better than freshly baked bread?

    Touch: hee hee hee. I'm going to go back to childish roots here and say the insides of a milkyway when I play with it before eating.
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    I'll do another two, seeing as others are

    SIGHT: When you've got a stack of pancakes and you add some syrup to the top and it starts dribbling down the side. Drips of heaven over discs of soft, sweet delicious delight.
    HEARING: The "snap" sound when you break off a clean piece of good quality chocolate. Even the snap sounds exquisite.
    TASTE: The mega flavour WOW you get when biting into something cheesy. Be it the cheese topped layer of a lasange or a cheese pastry or cheese on toast. It's so distinctive.
    SMELL: A whole roasted chicken. I can almost smell the juicy taste.
    TOUCH: The texture of a well cooked crispy fish skin after it's pan fried to perfection. The almost crackle, thin crunch.
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    SIGHT: The magnificent colourful conveyorbelt of magic that is Yo! Sushi.
    HEARING: PING!! The sound of the microwave to signal your lazy dinner is ready to be munched.
    TASTE: When a square of Galaxy chocolate slowly dissolves with the heat of your tongue into a creamy elixir...
    SMELL: The smoky, delicious scent when you remove a fillet of smoked haddock from the plastic/wrapping.
    TOUCH: The childish joy of breaking apart a Rice Krispie cake with its mallowy adhesive strrrretching between your fingers.


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