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I dont know WHAT to do! HELP!

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    I've made a thread related to this loads of times but I STILL need other opinions on this as it is an important decision that I am making.

    Last week, I was soooo sure that I wanted to transfer from Roehampton to Kingston university for English Literature & Media + cultural studies. But after talking it through with my mum and dad, I'm so unsure now. I was very aware that the process of transferring to Kingston to retake my 2nd year would be hard and not easy at all but now I'm just so scared and they've put me off completely

    I've been weighed up the points in my head about if I was to take the decision to retake my 2nd year whilst staying at Roehampton or retake the 2nd year in kingston and this is what I came up with:

    Roehampton: If I was stay at roehampton, the process of getting the university to allow me to retake the year is a much simpler process, I know my way around the uni already, I'm familiar with the modules and know which ones I will and WILL NOT pick if I got the chance to retake the year. HOWEVER, I just don't like Roehampton and I'm not happy there. Before I began university and got my a-level results, my original plan was to go back to college and bump up my grades and THEN go to a better uni but I was forced by family to pick a uni through clearing. So originally I never wanted to go uni when I did and I guess subconsciously that added to my unhappiness cos I never wanted to be at Roehampton in da first place, I'd never even heard of it before I went into the clearing process!! So yeah, I just dont like Roehampton and I just need to get away and start afresh.

    Kingston: I've never actually been there but I've heard from people that Kingston's a good uni. Whether or not it's better than Roehampton I really don't know . Kingston is the only other uni that does English Literature with Media & Cultural studies (to be exact!) and has modules that are comparable with the modules/topics I studied at Roehampton. However, the application process is very long and tedious. But at the same time, the thought of starting afresh and being in a new environment is appealing to me.

    But I really dont know . Should I retake my 2nd year whilst staying in Roehampton or retake my 2nd year but transfer to Kingston? Is it REALLY worth it or are Kingston & Roehampton as good as each other?

    Sorry for the long post, please help!!
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    They're very similar universities, although I'd be tempted to suggest Roehampton was the slightly better one.
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    It sounds like Kingston is associated with positives and Roehampton is associated with negatives in your mind; so I would say you've got more chance of doing better going with the move to Kingston.

    However; the grass always looks greener on the other side; and you'll never know if it'll work unless you do it, I'll let TBBT explain,

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    If you're not happy then i'd say to move, but ive never heard much good said about Kingston.
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    If University was the holy grail people made it out to be then we’d all be charming, open minded, polite, friendly and even tolerant people that make great money, drive luxury cars and have a really great house with updated features. Sadly this isn’t the case and the majority of people in University will probably end up living average lives.... possibly live in government housing too.
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    Hmm, I'm getting mixed reviews. This is so confusing :sigh:
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    Anymore opinions?!


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