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What career were you thinking of doing when you were in school?

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    just wondering , when you were in school what career were you thinking of doing when you left the school and did you end up doing the job you wanted to do after you left school?

    when i was in school , it vaired , i remember in Year 7 , i wanted to be a shopkeeper for a while , then in Year 8 , i wanted to be a wrestler because i was a big wrestling fan at the time , and then when i was in Year 10 and Year 11 , i decided i want to job relating to ICT so at the moment , i am on a college course in ICT
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    RAF pilot
    Bit of variation throughout the years
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    For me, since nursery i remember that:

    Nursery -A superhero
    Reception - A kid, forever
    Year 1- A Farmer
    Year 2 - A builder, like bob the builder!
    Year 3 - A Story teller
    Year 4 - A shop keeper
    Year 5 - A mad scientist
    Year 6 - An astronaut
    Year 7 - A Teacher
    Year 8 - A Lawyer
    Year 9 - A Gangster
    Year 10 - A Doctor
    Year 11 (currently at now) - Physicist

    Life changes at every step lol!!
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    i rememebr wanted to be an actor at one stage in school.
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    any more?
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    I've wanted to be a vet, a microbiologist (during the swine flu period I decided I wanted to specialise in virology), an author, a politician, a translator, an RSPCA warden, a pharmacist, a seismologist, and one night a few weeks ago I just looked into the sky and declared I wanted to be some sort of space scientist.
    It's really annoying because I've never had some sort of passion that runs deep, but I'm in Year 11 now and I guess I've still got a while before I decide the path I take..
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    I somehow got between princess and stunt double in a short time.
    Thereon after it was 'something creative'.
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    (Original post by DeathByBSOD)
    For me, since nursery i remember that:

    Year 3 - A Story teller
    That's great haha.

    Primary school was all about wanting to be a footballer. Since secondary school I've only wanted to be a musician, and I'm going to do commercial music in September (: !
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    An artist. Then a photographer. Then a graphic designer. When I was in Y11 I wanted to be a helicopter pilot, but only because I read in a 'futures' careers booklet that they earnt £40,000 a year, and I thought this was the highest salary EVER

    Now I'm an English teacher. But I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
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    I couldn't decide between Army Officer or being one of the chefs on Ready, Steady, Cook.
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    Reception - Year 2 = Singer
    Year 3 - Year 4 = Actress/Writer
    Year 5 - 6 = Model
    Year 7 - 11 = Doctor (Forensic Pathologist or Radiologist)
    Year 12 = Nothing. I had a breakdown.
    Year 13 = Lawyer/Writer
    Year 14 (my third year of college) = No damn idea.

    Oh life has been so eventful!
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    I was interested in surprisingly sophisticated stuff at a young age; I've regressed.

    It started off with engineering. I didn't really know what this entailed. I had a vague idea that it might involve cars, but I didn't much like cars.

    Then I wanted to be a geneticist. Most of nursery was spent drawing pictures of my magnificent cloning machine, that would use DNA from a wooly mammoth, force it through some pipes, some lights would flash and a fully grown mammoth would appear out of it, a bit like a microwave.

    Then I was determined to own a sweet shop, for obvious reasons.

    Then I was determined to own a toy shop, for obvious reasons.

    Then I wanted to be a teacher, despite hating my teachers immensely - this around year 5.

    This turned into a determination to be a Doctor until year 10, when I realised that I was **** at science. I did entertain the possibility of joining the armed services, but then realised that I rather enjoyed being alive.

    Then I jumped about between law, social work, journalism and teaching.

    Now I'm settling with teaching.
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    1st-3rd year - military
    4th year - doctor/civil engineer
    5th year - Stone Mason/any contruction related job
    6th form - journalism
    now - no ****ing idea...thinking of going back to redo new a-levels...
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    Career? Pfff, I wanted to be Christopher Columbus. Google Earth crushed those dreams.
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    I wanted to win the lottery and become a professional multi-millionaire.

    I'm still holding out hope for it...
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    Golf Course owner
    Famous Saxophonist
    Police Office
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    (Original post by SirMasterKey)
    Golf Course owner
    Famous Saxophonist
    Police Officer
    why not a golfer instead of a golf course owner?
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    Reception - Fireman,Astronaut
    Primary - Videogame Designer
    High School - Accountant/Professional Touring Drummer
    6th Form - Actuary/Domain Flipper/Professional Touring Drummer
    Lipa - Professional Touring Drummer/Drum Teacher/Session Drummer
    Present - Back to Accountant, this time for good!
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    I think I've wanted to be a teacher for most of my school career although there was a short stint where I wanted to be a heart surgeon.
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    In primary school I wanted to be an English teacher. When I was in Year 8 I alternated between lawyer and author, but now I'm back wanting to be a teacher, although now I want to teach Maths


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