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AQA GCSE physics P1 unofficial mark scheme 05-05-2016
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    How do you stay motivated and focused during revision?!
    ugh i just can seem to stay focused and i so need to with the ridiculous amount of exams i have in may

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    Just think about what you will achieve with good grades. Think of it as every second of work you put in now will benefit your life in the future. Think about why you want to revise and that should give you enough motivation!
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    You don't say whether its A level, or GCSE (not that it matters I guess)
    but this is what I am doing.
    Write a list of things that you are looking forward to after exams, mine has stuff like
    -Sunny Days
    -Free Time
    -People being happy (exams are over and most people are happy in summer lol)
    -School trip to Drayton Manor
    -Sports Day
    -Summer Holidays
    Then write a list of things you have to get through before all this.
    And get on with it.
    Also, do 20 minutes of one subject, have a ten minute break, do 20 mins of another subject, have a 10 min break and so on for the rest of the day.
    Doing short revision definitely helps me.
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    (Original post by tomp33)
    Also, do 20 minutes of one subject, have a ten minute break, do 20 mins of another subject, have a 10 min break and so on for the rest of the day.
    Doing short revision definitely helps me.
    This! Personally, if I try to do any work for longer than an hour without an adequate break, my brain turns into a soggy towel. You have to let your brain dry once in a while so it can absorb more of that sweet, sweet knowledge.
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    Thank you for all the suggestions
    how long do you guys usually revise in a day?
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    I am also bad at revising.. I can never stay motivated! I rarely do as well as I could do in exams, just because I hate revision!
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    At the minute, around 4-5 hours max.
    Im finding that a decent amount, its still only the start of april and ive worked out I can cover all the syllabus points by early may and then do past papers for a couple of weeks.
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    The best thing would be to re-do the revision table, and to insert regular breaks. Also, try and fit in some exercise each day.

    With the revision, implement it into small manageable chunks. Do not study for 2 hours straight, study in one hour slots with 15 minute break sessions. Do not game or do anything too consuming during these 15 minute sessions as it will make it harder to focus back on revision again. (Found that helps.)

    Just a tip keep off social networks sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Having your friend change the password is one way that could help. DO NOT keep your phone near you, and revise away from the computer.

    Hope that helps.
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    Just try and enjoy what your learning, I always view it as i picked these subjects because i like them, so i may as well try and get some enjoyment out of learning about them.


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