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If given the option would you allow the government to look at what you do online?

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  • View Poll Results: Should government watch what you do online?
    How dare they? (No)
    I don't care

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    No chance in hell. They can all go kiss my ass
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    Well they'd probably have me pinned for some Welsh republican terrorist and arrest me under the Terrorism Act
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    Hell no. It's Tor and VPN's for me all the way.

    The government are asking for trouble and with this type of move. It's only a matter of time until people learn to become anonymous and discover a whole dark world they never knew of. If the government wants to breach human rights then they should expect the consequences.
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    No thanks.
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    For statistical purposes and/or to track down criminals/terrorists, yes why not? I doubt they give a **** about me as a person. I don't want them to be able to do anything about piracy though

    Edit :changed my mind actually no. The internet is the freest place in the world, maybe it should just run wild and not be touched.
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    I like that this is a public poll, how fitting.
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    A bit off topic but what are police allowed to look at your internet for? Can they look at your stuff if they suspect you of anything or is it only for terroism etc? Is it difficult for them to do so?


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