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Virgin with Ripped hymen

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    Im a virgin but recently ripped my hymen during sports.
    Do guys care if it's ripped?!?
    Do they prefer to break it?
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    No thanks, not into blood sports.
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    The only problem you get might be if you and/or your boyfriend is religious and they think that it broke when you had sex in the past.

    But if the guy knows anything about anything he'll realise that it can easily be broken during sports or with a tampon so not getting blood when you lose your virginity doesn't mean that you're not a virgin.

    If the only reason that he thinks a girl isnt a virgin is cos there's no blood then he's too stoopid to be wasting your time on. Or if you're that worried, have sex when you know there would be blood anyway . . .

    trust me, most boys don't event know what a hymen is.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Im a virgin but recently ripped my hymen during sports.
    Do guys care if it's ripped?!?
    Do they prefer to break it?
    You know it's possible to get it "repaired"?

    The Japanese have been doing it for years.

    From a boys point of view;
    If anything I'd be happier with an already broken/ripped hymen because I know that it'll hopefully be less painful and potentially less messy while having sex
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    I don't think many people would check if you had a hymen.
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    Most virgins seem to have ripped hymens now...

    Dunno if that's just coz I'm too trusting hmmm :shifty:

    But dw OP
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    And there goes your Prince Charming.
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    It doesn't matter as you still haven't had sex. Besides most guys won't care that your hymen is broken unless they are religious/have a virgin fetish.
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    Even the religious ones shouldn't care if they know that it can be easily ripped.

    I'm a virgin and my one's ripped so when I find myself a bloke/husband and he doesn't believe that I am a virgin (believe me, no intentional sex before marriage for me!) then he can piss off!
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    Don't worry about it.
    If your friend makes trouble, kick him off.
    He should follow whatever you say.
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    Unless he's spent several years under a rock, he should know that sex isn't the only way you can tear the hymen. If he refuses to believe otherwise, then he's probably a bit of a dick anyway.
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    Well, at least your first time shouldn't be that painful!


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