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Men of all ages ! What girly music do you listen to?

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    (Original post by sunexotic)
    You know a question that's always bugged me... What will these pop singers do when they've passed 40?

    The likes of Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne all have their appeal as they're young and pretty.

    Their songs are written for them.. those writers will just swap to the new batch of talent won't they?

    Then again we have the likes of Madonna..
    Some might act young like Madonna does, some will evolve and change their style of music into something that suits them, and some will just disappear.

    And I heard that Carly Rae Jepsen song for the first time yesterday. I shouldn't love it but I do
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    Not fussed on any current singers and generally pop music nowadays, but some songs from back in the day which deserve a mention are:

    Anastacia - I'm Outta Love
    Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle
    Jennifer Lopez - Waiting For Tonight
    Lasgo - Something
    Christina Milian - AM to PM
    Mel C - Never Be The Same Again

    Ok, I'm off to bleed the radiator, drink some beer, and potentially locate my testicles.
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    i have a slight thing for Hilary duff music :sadnod::shy2:
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    My guilty please has got to by Kylie Minogue
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    I have to say a few of Lady Gaga's songs are my guilty pleasure.
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    Is it me or as more people comment... the worse it gets?

    Either that.. or people are getting more honest.
    Just remembered a superstar ...


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    I have no shame in admitting this is a tune.
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    Dido too. I love her!
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    Female-fronted symphonic metal.

    Still girly, just literally as opposed to figuratively.

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    I used to listen to Girls Aloud in year 10. Got proper obsessed with em -,- But now a bit of K-Pop
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    (Original post by Setsuna-F-Seiei)
    I used to listen to Girls Aloud in year 10. Got proper obsessed with em -,- But now a bit of K-Pop
    Can you please explain why people become so obsessed (being literal) with k-pop?
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    Power metal.
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    Well I feel really bad now. How can no-one have mentioned Paramore...? And a occasional bit of Duffy.
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    Amy Macdonald can belt out a tune.

    also, I absolutely love The Beautiful South - not solely a female singer but I loved the voices of all 3 female vocalists.
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    Natalie Imbrugillia (I don't care what anybody says torn is a brilliant song end of).
    Katy Perry (Depends on the song).
    Lady Gaga (Depending on the song, Alejandro and Bad Romance)
    The Dyvinals (hehehe)
    The Bangles
    Beyonce (Only Irreplaceable I don't like her other songs).
    Destiny's child (Independent women).
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    Tommy Heavenly6 - PaperMoon :blushing:
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    This is the song that first prompted me to start this thread.

    Someone else please say it's as addictive as I find it ...
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    I have no songs by female artists on my iPod with over 1000 songs on it.

    I've got a lot of songs featuring women, but none by them.


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